BLACKFIN Model X Review

An inflatable paddle board that offers extreme stability, top-shelf build quality, and premium features.

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5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 4 reviews)
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  • Part of a new iSUP line launched by iROCKER SUP in March 2018, the BLACKFIN Model X is an incredibly durable board that offers excellent stability and premium features.
  • An all-around inflatable paddle board that can be used for everything from recreational paddling to SUP fitness and fishing, the Model X is extremely versatile and capable of performing well in a wide variety of conditions.
  • iROCKER’s new BLACKFIN SUP line comes with a very high-quality accessory bundle which is on par or better than many boards costing twice as much.

Reviews by our Readers

Really like all of the upgraded features...

5.0 rating
January 10, 2019

Really like all of the upgraded features that this board has over iRocker’s regular SUPs. The twin bungee storage is great for hauling around extra gear and the carbon fiber shaft paddle is top-shelf. If you’re shopping around for an affordably priced inflatable paddle board that doesn’t skimp on features or build quality, these Blackfin SUPs are tough to beat right now.


This board is really stable...

5.0 rating
December 30, 2018

An excellent inflatable SUP for beginners. This board is really stable and easy to paddle in all conditions.


It's really easy to stand up on...

5.0 rating
December 28, 2018

The Blackfin Model X is so much fun to paddle. It’s really easy to stand up on and surprisingly stiff, in fact it feels really close to a traditional hard SUP.


Love this board. Very stable...

5.0 rating
September 17, 2018

Love this board. Very stable and easy to paddle. Quality is excellent and feels like it will hold up well for many years.

Vincent R.


Model X
Flatwater, ocean, rivers, paddling with kids or a dog, SUP fishing, yoga/fitness, all-around use
2-year, 30-day money back guarantee
iROCKER’s website

Board Details

29 pounds
237 L
14-18 psi
450 pounds

Written Review

Jacksonville, FL’s iROCKER SUP made major waves in the SUP world in March 2018 when they launched their brand new premium BLACKFIN line. While we fully expect the company to release several more models in the near future, the BLACKFIN SUP line currently consists of the 10’6″ Model X, larger 11’6″ BLACKFIN Model XL, and new Model V touring SUP.

The smaller of the two boards, the BLACKFIN Model X measures 10’6″ x 35″ x 6″ and weighs in at 29 pounds. Definitely not the lightest iSUPs on the market, all of iROCKER’s boards are a bit on the heavy side due to the fact that the company rolled out their new quad-layer PVC construction this season. What you get in return for that added weight is bombproof durability.

At 35″ wide, the Model X is obviously an extremely stable inflatable paddle board. It’s a great choice for beginners who need the additional stability, and this board also works really well for things like yoga/pilates/SUP fitness, fishing, and paddling around small children or a dog. For those who don’t need the added stability or want something at a slightly lower price point, we recommend checking out the iROCKER ALL-AROUND 11′ and ALL-AROUND 10′ boards.

The top of the Model X features a premium grade EVA foam deck pad with a stamped BLACKFIN logo traction pattern. This is something that you really only see on very high-end paddle boards, and the deck pad is unbelievably comfortable — something which is important for things like SUP fitness workouts which can irritate knees and hands.

At the middle of the board is a heavy-duty carrying handle made from strong nylon webbing. The handle is covered by a soft neoprene cover which is really comfortable to hold.

Located along both sides of the traction pad are four stainless steel D-rings which can be used to attach the optional BLACKFIN kayak seat or to tie down additional gear.

The Model X’s nose features a convenient grab handle and a 6-point bungee storage area. Integrated into the elastic bungee cord are two comfortable safety handles which provide small children with a secure place to hold onto when riding along.

At the tail of the board is a second bungee storage area, a second grab handle, a D-ring for your leash, and a Halkey-Roberts inflation valve. The recommended inflation pressure on this board is 14-18 psi, and you can either use the included dual-chamber pump or a compatible electric paddle board pump.

The rails of the BLACKFIN Model X are reinforced with carbon strips which add extra durability and rigidity. There’s also a neat cutaway in the rail which reveals the underlying carbon fiber strip — a nice little design touch that we appreciate.

On the bottom of the board is a D-ring at the nose for towing or tethering the Model X, and the tail features three fins. The two small side fins are flexible and fixed to the board, while the large center fin is removable. Unlike iROCKER’s regular line of inflatable paddle boards, they used an upgraded universal fin box on both BLACKFIN models which gives you the ability to experiment with different fins.

 What’s Included

iROCKER is known for including a nice SUP accessory bundle with their boards, and they’ve taken things a notch higher with the BLACKFIN line. The Model X comes with the following accessories:

  • 3-piece carbon fiber shaft paddle
  • Super efficient dual-chamber triple-action pump
  • Wheeled SUP backpack
  • Coiled SUP leash
  • Repair kit
  • User manual
  • BLACKFIN SUP sticker pack


iROCKER SUP is also well-known for standing behind their gear, and they back the BLACKFIN Model X with a rock-solid 2-year warranty which covers manufacturer defects. For added peace of mind, iROCKER also throws in a 30-day money back guarantee which gives you the ability to return the board for a full refund if for some reason it doesn’t meet your expectations.


  • Stunning design
  • Unbelievably stable
  • Very fun to paddle
  • Above average durability
  • Versatile
  • Tracks well
  • Great rigidity
  • Safety handles for children at the nose
  • Dual bungee storage areas
  • Carbon fiber rail
  • Convenient grab handles at nose and tail
  • Very nice traction pad
  • Top-shelf SUP accessory bundle
  • Great 2-year warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Heavy

 Final Thoughts

There’s honestly not much to complain about with iROCKER’s new BLACKFIN Model X. This board is built incredibly well and includes features and accessories that you typically only see on inflatable SUPs costing much more. Making the BLACKFIN lineup an even better value is the fact that iROCKER is also offering an additional discount if you buy two boards.

As far as performance goes, the Model X is incredibly stable, tracks well, but lacks a bit when it comes to overall speed. It should go without saying that this board was primarily designed with stability and versatility in mind, so if your top priority is going fast, we’d recommend the new BLACKFIN Model V or iROCKER’s SPORT 11′.

We haven’t been more impressed with a board this season than the new BLACKFIN models and recommend them to anyone who is looking for an affordable, stable inflatable SUP that is incredibly durable and comes packaged with a high-end bundle of accessories.

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  1. I compared this board with a lot of other iSUPs that are much higher-priced. The Model X offers a warranty that is as good as or better than the competition, a better pump, nicer accessories, and a far better price tag. Couldn’t be happier with it!


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