iROCKER ALL-AROUND 11′ Review (2019)

A fun all-around board that's packed with features and a great new design.

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  • iROCKER’s ALL-AROUND 11′ is the big brother of the company’s ALL-AROUND 10′ iSUP. It’s a board that was designed with larger paddlers in mind and has an impressive max capacity of 435 pounds.
  • Made with quad-layer PVC drop-stitch material, the ALL-AROUND 11′ offers military-grade durability and rigidity comparable to a traditional hardboard when fully inflated.
  • The 2019 version of the ALL-AROUND 11′ comes with several nice upgrades, including additional D-rings at the tail, a multi-purpose action mount at the nose, removable fins, and iROCKER’s impressive new Full Throttle triple-action hand pump.
  • While incredibly durable, the quad-layer PVC construction adds a bit of heft to the board. Regardless of the added weight, the ALL-AROUND 11′ is still highly portable.

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Larger paddlers, beginners, flatwater, SUP fishing, fitness, paddling kids or a dog, rivers, ocean
2-year, 30-day money back guarantee
iROCKER’s website

Board Details

27 pounds
246 L
14-18 psi
435 pounds
White/Blue Stripe, Blue, Aqua, White/Grey Stripe

Written Review

Paddleboarding is a simple and accessible way of getting into water sports but having to haul a hardboard on top of your car or paying for oversized baggage when flying can get old after a while. Fortunately, inflatable stand up paddle boards came along, injecting a much-needed dose of portability into the SUP world.

The iROCKER ALL-AROUND 11′, as its name implies, does not excel in a single thing but instead performs well across a variety of areas. It’s not the fastest board in the water, but it is definitely one of the most versatile inflatable SUPs around (if speed happens to be your thing, we highly recommend checking out iROCKER’s brand new BLACKFIN Model V touring board or iROCKER’s SPORT 11′).

Measuring 11 feet long, 32 inches wide, and 6 inches thick, the slightly larger size of the ALL-AROUND 11′ is designed for paddlers taller than 5’10”. Its 32″ width provides good stability, but it also has a pointed nose designed to cut through water and reduce drag. With a good mix of speed and stability, the ALL-AROUND 11′ performs well in a variety of water conditions and will appeal to paddlers of all skill levels.

While the original version of the ALL-AROUND 11′ already featured premium build quality, the 2019 update steps things up a notch with a quad-layer PVC drop-stitch material and heat-welded seams that produces military-grade durability. A tough drop-stitch core keeps the board as rigid as any traditional hardboard when fully inflated to the recommended pressure of 15 PSI. The board’s impressive maximum weight capacity of 435 pounds gives you plenty of room to bring along a child or added gear, and you can even bring your dog on the board as the tough outer PVC skin is strong enough to withstand your dog’s nails.

In addition to its stellar performance on the water, the ALL-AROUND 11′ also looks really good. The updated 2019 design gives off a sporty vibe, retaining the board’s dual racing stripes and complementing it with a multi-color traction pad. The 2019 ALL-AROUND 11′ is being offered in four different colors – blue, aqua, white/blue stripe, and white/grey stripe. It’s also a nice touch that the included ankle leash and adjustable paddle are color-coordinated with the board.

The new deck pad comes with an updated crocodile skin texture on top of the diamond pattern, greatly enhancing its grip. The traction pad is still made with comfortable EVA foam, which keeps your feet firmly planted while keeping you comfortable even during long paddling sessions. We also find that the pad doesn’t get overly hot when exposed to the sun. A nylon braided handle with a neoprene grip sits at the center of the traction pad, which has become a standard feature in the world of inflatable SUPs. The handle cover is non-removable, so you may have to work around it if you want to sit or lie down on the board.

The ALL-AROUND 11′ provides ample gear storage at the nose of the board with a bungee cord anchored by six stainless steel D-rings. Two removable grab handles have also been incorporated into the bungee area — meant for a seated passenger to hold on to. Four D-rings that run along the middle of the traction pad are designed as attachment points for the optional kayak seat, should you want to convert your inflatable SUP into a kayak. You can also use these D-rings to attach iROCKER’s optional shoulder strap for easier carrying.

At the tail of the ALL-AROUND 11′ is a single D-ring to secure your ankle leash. For the 2019 version, this is further complemented by four additional D-rings along the perimeter of the board so you can lash even more gear during your paddling adventures. A multi-use action mount, located at the nose of the board, is another one of the upgrades that come with the 2019 version of the ALL-AROUND 11′. With this mount, you can easily capture footage of your adventures with a GoPro action camera, or rock out to your favorite tunes with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

A tri-fin setup provides excellent straight line tracking for the ALL-AROUND 11′, cutting through the water beautifully. The two smaller side fins and one large central fin are all removable using a simple lever lock mechanism that does not require tools for removal or installation. Having fully removable fins is another upgrade of the 2019 version, making the ALL-AROUND 11′ much more customizable and easier to pack.

Speaking of packing, the ALL-AROUND 11′ is incredibly portable. When you’re done paddling, simply deflate the board, remove the fins, roll it up, and stash it into the included iROCKER SUP backpack. While the 2019 version weighs 27 pounds, which is approximately 3 pounds heavier than older iterations, it is still light enough to be comfortably carried around even on long treks.

The iROCKER ALL-AROUND 11′ is a little more expensive when compared to iROCKER’s other inflatable SUPs but it’s still a very affordable model compared to SUPs from other brands. We consider the ALL-AROUND 11′ to be an excellent value overall, considering the build quality, features, performance, and included accessories. Whether you’re flatwater paddling, cruising down a river, or having some fun in small surf, the ALL-AROUND 11′ offers the perfect balance of speed and stability.

 What’s Included

iROCKER SUP Backpack – The iSUP backpack that comes with the ALL-AROUND 11′ has enough room to fit the rolled-up ALL-AROUND 11′ plus all of the board’s other accessories. With a series of compression straps, the bag can be tightly cinched for better load distribution. The adjustable shoulder straps with sternum support, cushioned hip belt, and cushioned back support helps to keep the backpack comfortable even on long walks. This updated version of iROCKER’s backpack now comes with a side carrying handle for easier handling as well as thicker, more durable materials.

Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle – iROCKER’s 3-piece travel paddle is both durable and lightweight thanks to their use of fiberglass. Fully adjustable from 72 to 86 inches, this paddle is compatible with paddlers of all sizes. As usual, the paddle splits into three pieces for easy storage and is color-coded to match your board.

iROCKER Ankle Leash – The durable 10′ ankle leash still maintains a coiled design that prevents uncontrolled snapbacks. The coiled material is also color-coordinated to the SUP for those extra style points. A small key stash is hidden on the neoprene ankle cuff.

Full Throttle Triple-action Dual-chamber Pump – The hand pump included with the ALL-AROUND 11′ this season is bigger and better than ever. With two chambers and triple action pumping, inflating your SUP will be up to 100% faster and so much easier. An integrated pressure gauge makes it easy for you to hit the 15 PSI recommended pressure every time.

Repair Kit – The ALL-AROUND 11′ comes with a simple repair kit that will come in handy in the unlikely event of a needed repair. The kit comes with a valve wrench, replacement fin lever locks, and a few PVC patches. All these tools are contained in a small and convenient plastic container.


iROCKER has one of the more consumer-friendly warranty policies we’ve seen from inflatable SUP manufacturers. The ALL-AROUND 11′, as well as any other inflatable SUP from iROCKER, comes with a standard 2-year warranty which covers any manufacturer-related issues outside of normal wear and tear. iROCKER also has a 30-day money back return policy, so if for some reason you’re unhappy with the ALL-AROUND 11′, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.


  • The ALL-AROUND 11′ is a great board for larger, heavier paddlers. We also recommend checking out the company’s BLACKFIN Model X and Model XL boards — premium offerings from iROCKER which offer even higher max capacity ratings.
  • This is an extremely versatile inflatable SUP that blends speed and stability, resulting in stellar performance. It’s a fun board in a wide variety of water conditions and ideal for paddlers of all skill levels.
  • The quad-layer PVC drop-stitch material gives the ALL-AROUND 11′ military-grade durability. This board won’t get damaged or dinged by errant drops and is nearly as rigid as a traditional hardboard when fully inflated.
  • The set of accessories that come with the ALL-AROUND 11′ includes everything you need to start paddling. From the well-designed wheeled roller backpack to the powerful Full Throttle hand pump, iROCKER’s great accessory bundle ensures you’ll get the maximum enjoyment possible out of this iSUP.
  • Despite the premium quality and high-value accessory bundle included with the ALL-AROUND 11′, it’s surprisingly affordable. In terms of value for money, the ALL-AROUND 11′ is pretty tough to beat for 2019.


  • The carrying handle’s neoprene cover is not removable which makes it slightly uncomfortable to sit or lay on (an important consideration for SUP fitness enthusiasts).
  • As a consequence of the added PVC layers, the updated ALL-AROUND 11′ is slightly heavier than previous versions.

 Final Thoughts

iROCKER’s 2019 ALL-AROUND 11′ is a wonderful all-around inflatable SUP that looks great and is capable of doing a lot really well. A board that was designed for maximum versatility, it offers a perfect balance of speed and stability and provides an experience that will appeal to paddlers of all skill levels. The 32-inch width, tapered nose, and convenient removable tri-fin setup all combine to help the ALL-AROUND 11′ perform smoothly in varying water conditions.

We feel iROCKER did a great job on this latest update of the board and really like all of the upgrades — especially the action mount and removable fins. Overall, the ALL-AROUND 11′ is a great choice if you’re looking for a tough, good looking iSUP that comes packed with great features.

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