iROCKER CRUISER Review (2019)

Revamped for 2019, this feature-rich inflatable SUP is super stable and packs a ton of value.

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5.0 rating
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  • Reworked and improved for 2019, the iROCKER CRUISER is an inflatable stand up paddle board that’s mainly designed with beginner paddlers in mind. It features an extra-wide 33″ base for stability and is made of premium materials that provide military-grade durability.
  • Newly added kids’ safety handles are perfect for families with small children and the GoPro camera mount at the nose makes it easy to capture photos and video footage of your SUP adventures.
  • The board’s tri-fin setup provides excellent tracking performance and is also completely removable, allowing users the ability to configure the CRUISER with a variety of fin setups and also making the board easier to store and transport.
  • The CRUISER comes with a full package of accessories with a focus on portability. The lightweight and collapsible paddle and roomy carrying bag perfectly complement how compact the CRUISER is once deflated and rolled up.

Reviews by our Readers

Excellent for beginners...

5.0 rating
May 9, 2019

Great board. Excellent for beginners and very easy to ride. Very impressed with the included accessories and the 2 year warranty is a nice bonus.

Giselle R.

Great package...

5.0 rating
March 6, 2019

Love the changes made to the Cruiser for 2019. The new GoPro camera mount is really nice and the kids love the grab handles at the nose. The board is really stable on the water and easy to paddle, even for first-timers. The included accessories are also excellent and I like the fact that iRocker includes everything that you need to get started. Great package!



Beginners, flatwater, rivers, ocean, SUP fishing, paddling kids or a dog, all-around, yoga/SUP fitness
2-year, 30-day money back guarantee
iROCKER’s website

Board Details

26 pounds
234 L
14-18 psi
400 pounds

Written Review

Stand up paddle boarding, aside from being an excellent low-impact full body workout, is also an incredibly fun way to spend your time on the water. However, the idea of buying a SUP and learning how to paddle can be a bit intimidating for beginners. This is the reason why we particularly like the updated 2019 CRUISER from iROCKER, one of the most beginner-friendly all-around SUPs on the market this season.

The CRUISER is the most popular board in iROCKER’s range of inflatable SUPs. With its broad base and top-of-the-line durability, this board was clearly designed for beginner and intermediate SUPers. The CRUISER measures 33″ wide and 10’6″ long. The generous width of the CRUISER makes it one of the more stable than the iROCKER ALL-AROUND 10′ and ALL-AROUND 11′, although this comes at the cost of increased drag and reduced speed. Those in search of better performance should check out the iROCKER SPORT 11′ or new BLACKFIN Model V.

The CRUISER also has a 400-pound weight carrying capacity, which provides a lot of room for paddling around a passenger, pup, or gear.

The build quality of the CRUISER is impressive. Its outer skin is made with tough quad-layer military grade PVC, making it durable enough to withstand just about anything you can throw at it. Inside of the board is a high-density drop stitch core that provides rigidity and enough strength to support its high weight carrying capacity. iROCKER used a triple-layer military-grade drop stitch material which combines tens of thousands of polyester threads with a heat-welded wide seam tape — it’s built-to-last and completely airtight.

The high weight capacity of the CRUISER is complemented by an extremely comfortable EVA foam traction pad that extends all the way to the tail. Keeping a stable stance on the CRUISER is not a problem, as the crocodile skin texture of the deck pad delivers excellent traction. The grip and comfort of the CRUISER’s deck pad along with the board’s superior stability also makes it a great inflatable paddle board for SUP fitness workouts.

If storage options are important to you, you’ll be happy to know that the CRUISER won’t leave you wanting. The six stainless steel D-rings on the front serve as anchors for a strong elastic bungee cord that easily secures your paddling gear. If you want to bring along drinks or snacks, you even get pick up the optional iROCKER Cooler Deck Bag which was designed to attach to the cargo area’s D-rings.

Four additional D-rings that run across the rails at the middle of the CRUISER are designed to attach the company’s optional kayak seat or shoulder strap accessory. The kayak seat kit, in particular, is a great accessory as it gives you the option of enjoying a kayaking experience from a comfortable seated position. Lastly, an extra-large D-ring located on the tail hooks to the coiled ankle leash so your CRUISER doesn’t idly float away when you take a tumble or jump in for a swim. All of the board’s D-rings are strongly welded to the CRUISER, making them virtually unbreakable.

A crucial element of any beginner-level SUP is its ability to maintain direction and straight line tracking. To accomplish this, the iROCKER CRUISER includes a tri-fin setup on the underside of the board. The 2019 version of the CRUISER now features completely removable fins so you can configure the CRUISER to your liking and being able to remove the fins also makes the CRUISER easier to pack up and store when deflated.

Aside from its excellent performance, the iROCKER CRUISER also looks great. It comes in five great colors this season (black, blue, aqua, orange, and green) and sports a premium, minimalist look. Adding to the stylish look are the color-coordinated paddle and ankle leash which are included with the board. The 2019 version of the CRUISER even comes with a multi-purpose action mount at the front of the board which is a great spot for mounting your action camera, waterproof speaker, or fishing rod.

We also like how the CRUISER was designed for maximum portability. Weighing only 26 pounds, the CRUISER can be quickly rolled up into a highly compact package and stuffed into the specially designed carry bag. When inflated, a carrying handle in the middle of the board makes it easy to carry it along the beach while you look for the perfect spot to paddle out. Another grab handle at the rear portion provides a convenient way to pull the board out of the water.

Overall, the iROCKER CRUISER has a surprisingly comprehensive set of features that we would normally only expect from more expensive models. Its high-quality build is further reinforced by iROCKER’s rigorous testing policy that ensures a zero-failure rate for their inflatable SUPs. The CRUISER’s biggest limitation is its lower speed which the board design sacrifices in favor of stability. If you’re looking for a more advanced and faster SUP, we’d recommend checking out the iROCKER SPORT 11′ or new BLACKFIN Model V. Those in search of even greater stability should check out the company’s wider BLACKFIN Model X and Model XL boards.

 What’s Included

iROCKER SUP Backpack – The carry bag for the CRUISER SUP has also been upgraded for the 2019 version and is now made of stronger material and more comfortably padded shoulder straps. As with the original, this year’s backpack is large enough to store the SUP, the paddle, and the air pump, and other paddling accessories.

Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle – The ultra-portable 3-piece paddle that’s included with the CRUISER conveniently comes apart for easy storage. Fiberglass construction keeps the paddle lightweight, around half the weight of an equivalent aluminum alternative.

Dual-Chamber Triple-Action Hand Pump – Another upgrade that comes with the 2019 CRUISER is the company’s new dual-chamber triple-action hand pump which makes it easier and faster than ever to inflate your board. The hand pump comes with an integrated pressure gauge so you can easily check if you’ve pumped the CRUISER to the recommended pressure of 15 PSI.

Ankle Leash – The super-strong ankle leash keeps the board tethered to you and can stretch up to 5 times its original length. A small stash pocket on the ankle cuff provides secure storage for a key or other small items.

Repair Kit – The included iSUP repair kit comes with all the tools you’ll ever need to make repairs on your CRUISER. It contains several patches for easy repair of punctures, a valve wrench, and a spare flip lock switch for the removable fins.


As a testament to their confidence in the quality of their products, iROCKER has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on the CRUISER and all of their other SUPs. This warranty covers all damage due to workmanship and material issues but does not cover normal wear and tear. The purchaser will be responsible for return shipping costs due to any warranty issues.

In addition to the 2-year warranty, iROCKER also offers a 30-day money back return policy. If for any reason, you are not happy with the 2019 iROCKER CRUISER, you may return it for a full refund of the original purchase price.


  • The iROCKER CRUISER is designed with an extra-wide base that improves stability, making this an excellent inflatable SUP for beginners.
  • A military-grade build using premium-grade materials gives the CRUISER excellent durability. This further reinforces the CRUISER as a beginner-friendly board as there’s little concern that beginners can render serious damage to this tough inflatable SUP.
  • The comfortable EVA foam traction pad provides plenty of coverage and the board’s impressive 400-pound weight capacity gives you the opportunity to bring along gear, another passenger, or a pet.
  • The great bundle of accessories included with the CRUISER focuses on portability without sacrificing function. With its lightweight paddle, removable fins, and comfortable carrying bag, bringing the CRUISER along on trips is easier as ever.


  • The wider profile of the CRUISER means that it also experiences increased drag. This significantly lowers the speed of the CRUISER, which may not suit SUPers looking for a more advanced experience.

 Final Thoughts

It’s a pleasant surprise that the superior stability and excellent build quality of the 2019 iROCKER CRUISER come at such an affordable price. The CRUISER may not be the fastest inflatable SUP on the water, but its beginner-friendly features more than makeup for this limitation. If you’re a beginner to the world of stand up paddle boarding or are simply looking for a well-built, incredibly versatile board, iROCKER’s affordable CRUISER is one of your best choices this year.

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