iROCKER SPORT 11′ Review (2019)

A durable and affordable inflatable SUP that delivers excellent performance.

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  • The 2019 iROCKER SPORT 11′ is an inflatable standup paddle board that’s designed with speed and performance in mind. With its narrow profile and pointed nose design, the SPORT 11′ is a really fun board for those with a little paddling experience under their belt.
  • The SPORT 11′ is constructed with quad-layer military-grade PVC with a durable drop-stitch core that provides outstanding stiffness. The 385-pound capacity puts the SPORT 11′ toe-to-toe with most hardboards.
  • A brand new action mount at the board’s nose gives you a convenient way to capture more GoPro footage of your paddling adventures.
  • iROCKER added an inch of width the board this year for slightly better stability. Previously, the SPORT 11′ was a bit wobbly, especially for beginner paddlers.

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Paddlers with experience, flat water, small surf
2-year, 30-day money back guarantee
iROCKER’s website

Board Details

26 pounds
231 L
14-18 psi
385 pounds

Written Review

Inflatable SUPs have exploded in popularity in recent times and have really turned the SUP world upside down. A (usually) cheaper and more portable way to go than traditional rigid SUPs, inflatable paddle boards can be used for a wide variety of water activities. For intermediate or advanced paddle boarders who are looking for a more exciting experience, iROCKER’s SPORT 11′ doesn’t disappoint.

Featuring a narrow, streamlined design, the 2019 iROCKER SPORT 11′ prioritizes speed and performance over stability. In fact, the SPORT 11′ is the fastest model in iROCKER’s regular line of inflatable SUPs. Its pointed nose design cuts through the water efficiently, reducing drag and allowing you to pick up speed easily. It’s not the type of board we would recommend for beginners and getting on the SPORT 11′ can feel wobbly at first. While it definitely doesn’t offer a stable ride that’s on par with the iROCKER CRUISER or ALL-AROUND 10′, you’ll get comfortable on it after a few minutes.

The 2019 version of the SPORT 11′ features an updated design that looks sleeker and more elegant than its predecessor in our opinion. The dual racing stripes that run nose to tail perfectly complement the uniquely shaped multi-colored traction pad. Unlike previous years, the SPORT 11′ only comes in blue for 2019.

Aside from looking good, this year’s board is also one of the most durable inflatable SUPs we’ve seen. It’s made with quad-layer military-grade PVC construction that’s practically bulletproof — you won’t ever have to worry about dings or dents with this board. When fully inflated to 15 PSI, the drop-stitch core produces a rigidity that is almost on the level of a regular hard SUP. The premium materials and top-shelf construction allow the SPORT 11′ to support up to 385 pounds which is more than enough capacity for gear, your dog, or a child.

When fully inflated, the iROCKER SPORT 11′ measures 11 feet long, 31 inches wide, and 6 inches thick. Carrying the board around when it’s inflated is made easier by a nylon-webbed carrying handle with a neoprene grip that sits right in the middle of the traction pad. When you’re done paddling for the day, just deflate the SPORT 11′, roll it like sushi, and place it in the included carrying backpack. The board only weighs 26 pounds, so you shouldn’t have any problem carrying it on your back while walking from the beach to your car. When you get to your car, just stuff the pack in your trunk or on the backseat — roof rack not needed.

The iROCKER SPORT 11’s traction pad is made from non-slip EVA foam with a diamond groove pattern. There’s also a crocodile skin texture which enhances both comfort and grip. The SPORT 11′ also features a raised kick pad at the tail end of the deck which can be useful for making advanced maneuvers such as pivot turns.

At the nose of the board are six D-rings and a bungee cord to secure cargo items. There are also four D-rings along the rails for tying down gear or attaching accessories such as the optional iROCKER kayak seat kit or shoulder carry strap.

On the underside of the board is a tri-fin setup consisting of one large central fin and two smaller side fins. All three fins are detachable this year for easy packing.

Overall, the iROCKER SPORT 11′ is an excellent choice for the more thrill-seeking paddle boarder. It’s a fast board that glides and tracks well, but the narrower design of this iSUP sacrifices a bit of stability. That downside has been greatly improved this season with the extra inch of width over last season’s model.

 What’s Included

iROCKER SUP Backpack – The iRocker carrying bag has enough space to fit your SUP, the hand pump, and the collapsible paddle. It comes with several compression straps in the main compartment to promote even weight distribution when the bag is on your back. There’s also a metal grommet at the bottom for draining excess water and a side handle for easier handling. With thickly padded shoulder straps (with sternum strap attachment) and an adjustable hip belt, this backpack is made for comfort as much as function.

Ankle Leash – iROCKER’s ankle leash is color-coordinated with the board which is a nice detail. The durable coiled design stays out of your way when you’re paddling and there’s a small hidden key pocket on the side of the neoprene ankle cuff.

Full Throttle Pump – A major upgrade in the 2018 version of iROCKER’s SPORT 11′ was the inclusion of a triple-action dual-chamber hand pump. We’re excited to report that things have gotten even better this year with an upgraded version of that pump. iROCKER’s new Full Throttle Pump makes it easier and faster than ever to inflate your the SPORT 11′.

Floating Fiberglass Travel Paddle – Instead of the typical aluminum paddle that you see in most inflatable SUP accessory bundles, the 2019 SPORT 11′ comes with a much lighter and better-quality fiberglass paddle. The paddle length can be adjusted all the way to 86 inches and can still be broken down into three pieces for easier storage. Also, just in case you happen to lose hold of your paddle while on the water, it’s good to know that it floats.

iSUP Repair Kit – The small repair kit that comes with the SPORT 11′ fits into a compact, brightly-color plastic container. Inside you’ll find a few PVC patches, valve wrench, and some replacement fin lever locks. While it’s a pretty basic repair kit, it’s a nice thing to have around in the event of a needed repair.


iROCKER SUP is a company that stands behind all of their products and they offer a 2-year warranty on the SPORT 11′ which covers any issues aside from normal wear and tear. On top of that, they also offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the board.


  • With its narrow, hydrodynamic design, the iROCKER SPORT 11′ is one of the faster 11′ inflatable SUPs you can get today. It’s a perfect choice for experienced paddlers in search of a more exhilarating experience (if you’re looking for even more speed, we recommend checking out the company’s new 2019 BLACKFIN Model V touring SUP).
  • Like the other iROCKER inflatable SUPs, the SPORT 11′ comes with everything you need to get on the water.
  • With its quad-layer military-grade PVC construction and strong drop-stitch core, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more durable inflatable SUP in this price range.
  • The Sport is surprisingly affordable considering the quality of the board and high-value bundle of accessories that are included. iROCKER produces some of the best inflatable SUPs for the money in our opinion.


  • The biggest drawback of the SPORT 11′ is reduced stability. While intermediate and advanced paddlers won’t have any complaints, first-timers would be better off with something more stable like the iROCKER ALL-AROUND 11′ or BLACKFIN Model X.
  • The SPORT 11′ does not come with kids’ safety handles at the nose like iROCKER’s other inflatable SUPs. For those who frequently paddle with small children at the nose, we’d recommend one of the company’s other models..

 Final Thoughts

The entire design philosophy behind the iROCKER’s SPORT 11′ maintains a strong focus on speed. While the stability of the SPORT 11′ may pale in comparison to some of the company’s other models, it truly excels when it comes to cutting through water and reducing drag.

We like how iROCKER is committed to improving their range. All of the improvements made for 2019 add up to a far more enjoyable paddling experience.

Best of all, iROCKER’s iSUPs are an excellent value overall. When it comes to the fun factor, build quality, included accessories, and warranty, the new iROCKER SPORT 11′ is pretty tough to beat.

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