Roofnest Sparrow X Review

With a carrying capacity of 100 lbs, the Sparrow X doesn't require you to sacrifice rooftop storage.

Roofnest Sparrow X Rooftop Tent
Roofnest Sparrow X Roof Top Tent Side
Roofnest Sparrow X Opened Side
Roofnest Sparrow X Open
Roofnest Sparrow X Interior
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Roofnest Sparrow X Rooftop Tent
Roofnest Sparrow X Roof Top Tent Side
Roofnest Sparrow X Opened Side
Roofnest Sparrow X Open
Roofnest Sparrow X Interior
Roofnest Sparrow X Rooftop Tent
Roofnest Sparrow X Roof Top Tent Side
Roofnest Sparrow X Opened Side
Roofnest Sparrow X Open
Roofnest Sparrow X Interior
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  • IMPORTANT 5/10/2019 UPDATE: The Sparrow X has been replaced by the brand new Roofnest Sandpiper. Check out our full write-up on the Sandpiper for more details on this new and improved tent.
  • The Roofnest Sparrow X comes with its own rooftop racks – you no longer need to sacrifice your roof storage in order to have a rooftop tent.
  • The roof rack is rated with a carrying capacity of up to 100 pounds, perfect for your snowboard, surfboard, bike, skis, kayak, or whatever adventure gear you might need to bring along.
  • The Sparrow X is designed with the same level of comfort and ease of setup as other Roofnest tents. Those requiring a larger interior space should check out the Roofnest Eagle.

 Reviews by our Readers

This is a really nice roof top tent...

Rated 5 out of 5
December 28, 2018

This is a really nice roof top tent and the roof racks are extremely handy. Love it.



Sparrow X
Roof Top Tent
Vehicle camping, adventure travel, solo exploration, transporting additional gear
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Roof Top Tent Details

45″ wide x 80″ long x 36″ tall
47″ x 82″ x 15″ tall
135 pounds
Sleeps 2 adults

Written Review

They say that the things you make time for after work and on the weekends are what define your passion. For many of us, our passion is spending time and doing activities outdoors. These activities can be as quiet and laid back as camping or more adventurous such as cycling, surfing, and rowing. The problem with having so many activities planned in a single trip is one of logistics. How can you fit all of your gear in your car, and yet have a comfortable place to sleep? Solving this dilemma is exactly what the Roofnest Sparrow X was made for.

The Roofnest Sparrow X, so-called because of its ability to “eXtend”, is another variation of the Roofnest Sparrow series of rooftop tents. Similar to the Roofnest Sparrow and Sparrow Eye, the Sparrow X has enough room to comfortably fit 2 adults. The Sparrow X stays true to the reputation of the Roofnest brand, providing a safe and comfortable sleeping space at a reasonable price. No longer do you need to look for flat terrain devoid of vegetation to set up camp – the Sparrow X allows you to camp anywhere.

What sets the Sparrow X apart from the other Sparrow tents is its provision of two roof racks located on the top of its hard-shell exterior. This means that you don’t have to give up roof storage even when you have a rooftop tent installed.

The racks that come with the Sparrow X are extremely rugged and they’re able to accommodate up to 100 pounds of carrying capacity. The tubular rods of the racks are made of powder-coated steel, and the connections between the rods and the hard shell are made of high-quality alloy. Combined with the fiberglass-reinforced ABS hardshell exterior, the Sparrow X was made to withstand the toughest of conditions.

This is the perfect rooftop tent for adventure junkies who want to bring along their surfboards, kayaks, bikes, or paddle boards on out of town trips. With the Sparrow X, you get the best of both worlds: a rooftop tent for sleeping comfort as well as additional rooftop storage for all your adventure gear.

The Sparrow X is compatible with most roof racks, but the installation process will take a bit of work. As with Roofnest’s other roof top tents, there’s very little clearance between the bottom of the tent and the car roof which can make it difficult to install brackets and tighten bolts. A little creativity and small hands can go far in helping you install the Sparrow X.

In its folded orientation, the Sparrow X has a height of 15 inches and a weight of 135 pounds. It is slightly taller and heavier than the Sparrow and Sparrow Eye in order to account for the additional carrying capacity. In any case, its streamlined and aerodynamic design means that you do not need to be concerned with having the Sparrow X on top of your car: fuel economy won’t suffer, and your overhead clearance will only slightly increase.

One of the things we really love about the Sparrow X is the quick and easy process of setting it up. You won’t need to worry if it starts raining or snowing as it only takes a matter of seconds to open up the tent. All you need to do is unlock the straps that hold the tent closed, push open the tent a couple of times, and the hydraulic struts will activate to do all the heavy lifting. Roofnest recommends that you remove any rooftop load that weighs more than 25 pounds before opening the tent.

When opened, the Sparrow X tent has an overhead clearance of 36 inches. This is plenty of room if you need to sit up or kneel inside the tent. The tent opens up on both the right and left sides, each one serving as an entrance and providing a nice cross-breeze for those hot days. As with Roofnest’s other models, the canvas covers for the entrance can be extended to form an awning. Mesh windows on the front and back sides of the tent can be opened to improve ventilation. The Sparrow X comes with a telescoping ladder that attaches to either side of the tent to provide access.

The walls of the tent are made of a polyester and cotton blend reinforced with polyurethane, providing both waterproofing and insulation. The walls are thick and heavy, which help to reduce noisy fluttering on windy nights.

As with other Roofnest tents, the Sparrow X comes with a built-in 3-inch high-density foam mattress. The mattress gives both comfort and warmth, ensuring that you could get a good night’s sleep even in the most adverse conditions. With a sleeping bag and some blankets, sleeping in the Sparrow X is comfortable even in snowy weather.

The interior of the Sparrow X comes with a wealth of storage options. A removable mesh area on the ceiling provides a lot of room for small and light items, while hooks on all four corners of the tent are perfect for attaching portable lights. The interior pockets of the Sparrow X are removable should you prefer to keep things such as soiled clothes or shoes outside the tent.

 What’s Included

  • Mounting hardware
  • Mattress
  • Telescoping ladder


The Sparrow X comes with a 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects that may cause the product to fail under normal use. Should a problem come up within one year from purchase, Roofnest will cover all repair and replacement requests at no cost to the customer. After a year, repair and replacement will be done by Roofnest on a per case basis.

After the 2-year period, Roofnest will no longer shoulder the expenses for the repair or parts replacement of your Sparrow X. However, their customer service will be readily available to help.


  • No need to give up roof storage as the Sparrow X comes with its own rooftop rack.
  • A durable and aerodynamic hardshell exterior allows you to keep it mounted on the roof without worrying about weather damage or fuel economy.
  • Very easy and quick setup process, allowing you to open up the tent in a matter of seconds.
  • Comfortable and smartly designed interior ensures that you get a good night’s sleep.


  • Slightly tricky installation process due to the small clearance between the car roof and the bottom of the tent.
  • The Sparrow X is slightly taller and heavier than the other Sparrow tents.

 Final Thoughts

Roofnest continues to impress us by designing some of the best rooftop tents on the market today. The Sparrow X was designed for the outdoor enthusiast who craves adventure but also wants to have a safe and comfortable place to sleep. It is a seriously tough tent that’s still lightweight and compact. True to Roofnest’s well-deserved reputation, the interior of the tent comes with the usual comfort and storage provisions. Excelling in all areas, the Sparrow X is the perfect complement to your hunger for adventure.

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