THURSO SURF Expedition Review (2019 Inflatable Touring SUP)

A fast and affordable inflatable touring SUP that's loaded with great features and accessories.

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  • The THURSO SURF Expedition is the company’s specially designed inflatable touring board that features a streamlined body for reduced drag, allowing it to cut through the water effortlessly. The 2019 model, which will be available this April, comes with a host of design and performance improvements.
  • The Expedition features THURSO SURF’s tough military-grade construction which pairs a double-layer of PVC coated tarpaulin with a durable drop stitch core. The result is an inflatable SUP that is practically indestructible and performs similarly to a hardboard.
  • The expanded storage options of the Expedition provide enough space to stash gear and supplies for long paddling trips, even if you’ve got a passenger riding along up front.
  • All three fins of the 2019 THURSO Expedition can be quickly removed thanks to the simple, yet secure lever lock system. This allows for a variety of fin configurations and easy adaptability to changing water conditions.
  • Although the upgraded design looks great, it would be nice to have some alternate color scheme options.
  • This year’s Expedition is also missing a grab handle at the tail which would have been really useful for pulling the board in and out of the water.

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Touring, lakes, ocean, cruising, multi-day excursions
2-year, 30-day money back guarantee
THURSO SURF’s website

Board Details

28 pounds
300 L
15 psi
330 pounds

Written Review

Stand up paddleboarding may be one of the most beginner-friendly ways to get into water sports, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be taken to adventurous extremes. Enter THURSO SURF’s Expedition inflatable SUP, a tough touring board built for speed and long-distance paddling. The streamlined body of the Expedition minimizes drag which allows it to cut through the water and enables you to paddle further with less effort. This touring iSUP also has enough storage space for all the supplies you’ll need during a long-distance paddling trip.

The THURSO SURF Expedition has received several updates for 2019 and this latest version is now available for pre-order. Customers who pre-order will receive a bonus PVC Deck Bag free with their order and the board is scheduled to ship around April 20th.

The Expedition is 6″ thick and measures 11’6″ long and 30″ wide. The extra length of the Expedition allows for a tapered nose and tail to reduce drag, but it does make turning slightly slower and more difficult. The board is widest near the center which provides good stability. With its streamlined design, the 2019 Expedition is noticeably faster than the THURSO SURF Waterwalker 10’6″ and Waterwalker 11′. If you have a need for speed, then the latest Expedition is certainly worth a look.

We love the redesigned look of this board — the characteristic woodgrain surface that comes with all of THURSO’s boards is perfectly complemented by a black and white deck pad that now extends further to the tail. The same dynamic black and white color scheme continues to the rails and the bottom of the SUP, as well as with the accompanying carry bag, hand pump, and ankle leash. THURSO SURF consistently designs some of the best-looking inflatable SUPs on the market today and the Expedition is no exception.

The redesigned deck pad of the Expedition features an extra wide black border and black and white ribs that not only look good but also offer excellent traction. The deck pad is made of soft EVA foam, making it comfortable even during long paddles. At the center of the deck pad is a standard neoprene carrying handle. The 2019 model no longer integrates a paddle holder into the carrying handle but instead provides separate velcro loops along the rail at the right side.

As with THURSO’s other inflatable paddle boards, the Expedition is incredibly durable. THURSO used a double layer of military-grade PVC-coated tarpaulin supported by a PVC-coated drop stitch core. The sides of the Expedition are similarly constructed, featuring two layers of the PVC coating reinforced by two side wraps of PVC-coated tarpaulin.

This excellent combination of materials makes the Expedition nearly indestructible and easily able to resist the usual dings, cuts, and scrapes. This is great news if you’re thinking of letting your dog ride along with you on your paddling trips, as you can rest assured that the board won’t be damaged by your dog’s nails. The drop-stitch core provides a level of rigidity and performance that’s very similar to a hardboard. The maximum weight capacity of the Expedition is a generous 300 pounds and it weighs in this year at 28 pounds.

The 2019 Expedition features an expanded forward bungee area that now has an additional pair of D-rings. A durable, stretchy bungee cord running along the six D-rings at the front provides ample storage space for your gear. Also, having a passenger up front is no longer a storage problem, as the upgraded 2019 now has an alternate bungee storage area at the tail. Tethered by four D-rings, the rear storage area is smaller but definitely a nice back-up option.

Finally, a single D-ring at the tail is provided as an attachment point for the included ankle leash. This D-ring sits right behind the high-quality Halkey-Roberts air valve. While this board does have a grab handle at the nose, a handle at the tail would have been our choice as it helps to keep the fins from getting damaged on rocky beaches.

The Expedition has three bottom fins that are completely removable, allowing for a variety of fin configurations. If you opt for maximum tracking performance, then you can choose to attach all three fins. However, if you want to minimize drag and increase speed, you can attach the large center fin for a single fin setup. The performance of the board in both configurations feels different enough to provide variety but are similarly excellent. Best of all, the fins are removed and installed using a simple lever lock system that requires no tools.

The removable tri-fin design perfectly complements the portable nature of this inflatable SUP. With all three fins removed, the Expedition can be rolled up into a much smaller package. It also makes stacking of multiple boards simpler and easier. With the included carry bag, bringing your inflatable SUP along with you on your trips is as simple as throwing it in your car trunk or including it with your check-in baggage.

The THURSO Expedition is not quite a budget-priced SUP but still features an incredibly affordable price tag. Considering the high quality of both the board and its accessories, it’s easy to recommend the Expedition as a value-for-money SUP.

 What’s Included

Carbon Shaft Paddle – The redesigned carbon shaft paddle now has a matte finish, giving it a more premium feel. Weighing only 2 pounds, the carbon fiber material is superior to aluminum and fiberglass in terms of both weight and performance. The 3-piece construction of the paddle makes it much more portable, provides adjustment from 68″ to 84″, and allows it to be converted to a kayak paddle with the optional blade attachment. The blade of the paddle is made with a similarly durable composite nylon material and is strengthened with a center rib to prevent any deformation even when under stress.

Double-Action Pump – The double-action pump that comes with the Expedition not only looks great but makes it much easier and faster to inflate the board. With a double-action capability that can be easily toggled, this pump gets the job done in less than 10 minutes. It also has a built-in pressure gauge to help you hit the recommended inflation pressure every time. The option to use this pump to deflate the SUP is a nice additional feature that helps when putting away and rolling up the board for storage.

Coiled SUP Leash – The included ankle leash features a coiled design that reduces drag. It comes in the same black and white color scheme of the Expedition. The double swivel design prevents the leash from getting entangled and it includes a comfortable neoprene ankle cuff which features secure Velcro closures and a built-in key pocket.

Wheeled Roller Backpack – The storage backpack of the Expedition is not just any backpack – it’s well-built for any kind of traveling. The large main compartment has enough room for the rolled-up SUP with room to spare and it’s loaded with an assortment of compression straps to keep the load organized. All of the Expedition’s accessories fit neatly into the huge zippered storage pocket at the front of the bag. With grab handles at the top, bottom, and on both sides, pulling the pack out of your car trunk is easy from any angle.

The redesigned backpack offers two equally reliable transportation methods. If you want to carry the pack around on the beach, the fully adjustable shoulder straps with plastic D-rings and a sternum strap provide comfort and additional storage options. Comfort is further enhanced with a thickly cushioned waist belt and a back cushion lined with a breathable mesh material. When the load gets too heavy, you can also roll the bag behind you on its oversized all-terrain wheels. Whether it’s on the beach or around the airport, this SUP backpack is incredibly convenient to travel with.

Repair Kit – As you’d expect, the Expedition also comes with a repair kit which includes two PVC patches, 3 replacement lever lock tabs for the removable fins, a valve wrench, and a small adhesive brush. These tools are all contained inside of a small, brightly-colored plastic cylinder.


THURSO SURF provides a 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects on all their inflatable SUPs. This warranty covers any defects or damage due to issues with materials or workmanship. At the discretion of THURSO SURF, any product sent in due to warranty issues can be professionally repaired or replaced at no cost to the buyer.

Take note that this warranty will be deemed void if the SUP was used for any commercial activity or otherwise used outside of its intended purpose. It also does not cover damage due to impact with objects, transportation, inappropriate storage, and normal wear and tear.

THURSO SURF also has a generous 30-day money back policy which allows you to return any inflatable SUP within 30 days of purchase if you’re unsatisfied with it. You may receive a full refund for the product, although the cost of any damage or missing accessories will be deducted from the refund amount.


  • The THURSO Expedition is a fast and stable board on the water, providing a paddling experience that can be enjoyed by paddlers of all skill levels.
  • The upgraded 2019 version features expanded storage areas, with both tail and nose storage options. The paddle holder has also been relocated to the right rail, making the board much more comfortable to sit or lay down on.
  • The Expedition comes with THURSO SURF’s excellent build quality that combines multiple layers of military-grade PVC-coated tarpaulin with a drop stitch core that keeps the SUP fairly lightweight while helping it to excel in the durability and rigidity departments.
  • The accessory bundle that comes with the Expedition is top-notch and several of the accessories have been nicely upgraded this season.


  • Although the Expedition comes with a grab handle at the nose for hauling the board in and out of the water, it lacks a grab handle at the tail which really helps to prevent damage to the board’s fins caused by rocky surfaces and hard objects.
  • THURSO’s Expedition only comes in a single color scheme. The company offers no other color options, which might be a bummer if the design doesn’t quite fit your style.
  • The relatively long body of the Expedition makes turning a little harder and slower than usual.

 Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a fast, fun touring board, the THURSO SURF Expedition is worth a serious look. This well-designed inflatable touring SUP comes with a nicely streamlined shape that helps to reduce drag without compromising overall stability, and we really like all of the added improvements for 2019. Overall, we consider this great looking board to be an outstanding value for the upcoming season.

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