THURSO SURF Waterwalker 10’6″ Review (2019 SUP)

An affordable iSUP that's been revamped for 2019 with a fresh design and new features.

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  • The 2019 THURSO SURF Waterwalker 10’6″ (also referred to as the Waterwalker 126) is a cross between an inflatable touring board and an all-around model. The result is an SUP that is stable in almost all water conditions and performs well enough for long-distance paddling trips.
  • The Waterwalker 10’6″ has been upgraded for 2019 with overhauled aesthetics, expanded cargo storage areas, a redesigned paddle holder, and enhanced set of accessories.
  • With double-layer construction that uses triple and quad-layer PVC, double-reinforced seams, and a durable drop-stitch core, the Waterwalker 10’6″ is one of the more durable inflatable SUPs available today.
  • The Waterwalker 10’6″ isn’t the most stable board on the water due to the narrower 31″ width. Larger paddlers and those in search of a more stable alternative should check out the popular Waterwalker 11′ or iROCKER’s CRUISER.

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Waterwalker 10’6″
All-around, lakes, ocean, experienced paddlers
2-year, 30-day money back guarantee
THURSO SURF’s website

Board Details

26 pounds
270 L
15 psi
300 pounds

Written Review

When shopping for inflatable stand up paddleboards, small paddlers have the unique advantage of being able to make do with smaller and lighter models. However, settling with a smaller SUP shouldn’t require you to make big sacrifices in the performance department. This is the basic premise behind the THURSO SURF Waterwalker 10’6″, a fun all-around SUP designed for small to mid-sized paddlers.

THURSO SURF was founded in 2016 but they’ve quickly made a name for themselves in the SUP community by being highly receptive to customer feedback and implementing frequently-requested features in their SUPs. The Waterwalker 10’6″ is one of their most popular iSUPs and it combines the shape of a long-distance touring board with the versatility of a traditional all-around board. The result is an inflatable paddle board that feels very stable in most water conditions but can glide effortlessly for long-distance paddling trips.

The THURSO Waterwalker 10’6″ was designed specifically for small to mid-sized paddlers across all skill levels and it performs exceptionally in a large variety of water conditions. It’s stable enough to be beginner-friendly but also fast enough to be fun for advanced paddlers.

As its name implies, the Waterwalker 10’6″ measures 10’6″ long, 31″ wide, and 6″ thick. The board has been nicely updated for 2019, which is pretty easy to see at first glance. THURSO SURF’s redesigned Waterwalker 10’6″ combines the signature Waterwalker woodgrain aesthetic with turquoise highlights, a white and gray deck, and a solid turquoise bottom. The updated design looks very elegant and really stands out among the other iSUPs on the market. If there’s one complaint we have, it’s that there are currently no other color options for the Waterwalker 10’6″.

THURSO SURF claims that the Waterwalker 10’6″ has the strongest structure of any inflatable SUP on the market today. The board is made with a double-layer construction featuring triple and quad military-grade PVC coating on the deck and the sides. The deck is strengthened by a two-layer PVC-coated tarpaulin that’s bonded to a PVC-coated drop-stitch core. The sides of the board have seams that are reinforced with two PVC layers. The whole array of premium material and intelligent construction methods have made the Waterwalker 10’6″ extremely durable, lightweight, and able to perform similarly to a standard hardboard. The rigidity provided by the drop-stitch core can support a passenger capacity of up to 300 pounds.

The redesigned traction pad is made with a comfortable EVA foam material, while a ribbed surface increases contact area and enhances grip. The nylon carrying handle, located in the middle of the deck pad, has also been redesigned. Instead of using a Velcro closure to secure the paddle, the WW126 now has dedicated nylon closures on the right rail of the board which act as paddle holders. This is a nice new feature that gets the paddle out of the way in case you want to do some fitness workouts on the board’s deck (if you’re a serious SUP fitness enthusiast, you should also check out the new THURSO Tranquility).

The 2019 version of the Waterwalker 10’6″ also gives you more cargo storage than ever. The storage area at the nose has been expanded with an additional pair of D-rings. In case you have a passenger sitting up front, the 2019 version also offers a second (albeit smaller) cargo storage area at the tail. The durable bungee cords provide the perfect way to stash a backpack or dry bag so you can bring a water bottle or some snacks along for those longer-distance paddling trips.

Another set of stainless-steel D-rings lines the rails of the board along the middle section. These are primarily meant as attachment points for the optional kayak seat accessory should you want to turn your SUP into a kayak. They can also be used to tie down a SUP cooler or additional paddle gear.

A single D-ring sits at the tail end of the board, perfect for attaching the included ankle leash. This D-ring sits right behind the Halkey Roberts-type inflation valve. Finally, grab handles at both the nose and tails come in handy whenever you’re pulling the SUP out of the water. The grab handle at the tail is especially useful, as it keeps the fins from coming into contact with the ground and getting damaged.

The Waterwalker 10’6″ has an incredibly versatile tri-fin system that ensures optimal performance in all water conditions. With three removable fins, it’s possible to use the Waterwalker 10’6″ in two different configurations: with just the center fin, the SUP excels in high-speed paddling by reducing drag, while stability and maneuverability are enhanced with all three fins installed. Being able to remove all three fins also makes the Waterwalker 10’6″ easier to pack and makes stacking multiple boards on the roof of your car much easier. The three fins can be installed and removed using a quick-lock mechanism that doesn’t require tools.

Weighing in at 26 pounds, the THURSO Waterwalker 10’6″ is easy to transport. Along with the pre-included carrying bag, traveling with the Waterwalker 10’6″ is a hassle-free experience. The board travels well and is readily accepted by all airlines as check-in baggage. If you’re going on a road trip, you can easily stuff the rolled-up Waterwalker 10’6″ into your trunk.

The Waterwalker 10’6″ certainly isn’t a “budget” inflatable SUP as there are a lot of cheaper iSUPs around, but it’s very affordable and packs a lot of value. Its military-grade durability gives you added peace of mind that your board won’t be easily damaged by rocks, branches, and pieces of coral. While it’s not the most stable board due, it’s incredibly fun on the water. Also, THURSO SURF has consistently provided top-notch customer service which enhances the value of their products.

 What’s Included

3-piece Carbon Shaft Paddle – The updated carbon shaft paddle is vastly superior to its aluminum or fiberglass counterparts. It’s lighter and more durable and even comes with a matte finish, giving it a premium feel. The paddle blade is made of a nylon composite material and has a rigid center rib to prevent warping under strain. The paddle can be adjusted from 68″ to 84″, floats in water, and can be separated into three pieces for easy storage.

Double Action Pump – The dual-action pump can be used to either inflate or quickly deflate the SUP. Double-action pumping is recommended at the beginning to speed up the inflation process, while the increased pressure of single-action pumping will help you to get the board up to the recommended pressure of 15 PSI. The pump comes with a built-in pressure gauge so you can hit the target inflation pressure every time.

10′ Coiled Ankle Leash – The durable coiled leash that comes with the Waterwalker 10’6″ features stainless steel swivels at both ends to avoid tangles. A hidden key stash pocket with a Velcro enclosure is incorporated into the neoprene ankle cuff.

Wheeled Roller Backpack – The carrying backpack for the Waterwalker 10’6″ has undergone a complete redesign for the 2019 version. Its more premium feel is complemented by expanded storage options and large roller wheels. At the front of the bag is a large zippered pocket which can fit all the board’s accessories and offers easy access. Elastic mesh storage pockets can be found at either side of the bag and are large enough to fit a water bottle, paddle, or change of clothes. The main compartment also has internal mesh pockets and opens up all the way from top to bottom. Compression straps, both internal and external, help keep the load’s center of gravity close to your body. Two over-sized all-terrain wheels allow you to conveniently roll the carrying bag along. Carrying the backpack is no problem either, as the bag is equipped with cushioned shoulder straps, a hip belt, and comfortable padded back panel. The shoulder straps also have plastic D-rings and nylon webbed loops for clipping on additional accessories. Lastly, THURSO’s new SUP backpack has a durable bottom made of a plastic and a rubber composite covering that protects it from wear and helps the bag to stand up on its own.

iSUP Repair Kit – The included compact repair kit comes with the tools and supplies needed to make repairs to the Waterwalker 10’6″. The kit contains a valve wrench, two PVC patches, a replacement tab for the lever lock system of the fins, and a valve wrench.


THURSO SURF offers a 2-year warranty for any manufacturer defect, for which they’ll provide a replacement or full refund for your inflatable SUP. This warranty only covers damage due to material or workmanship issues and does not provide coverage for damage due to external objects, normal wear and tear, inappropriate storage, or misuse. Use of the board for any commercial or rental purpose will also invalidate the warranty.

Also, if you’re unhappy with the board for some reason, you may send it back within 30 days and receive a full refund.


  • THURSO’s Waterwalker 10’6″ is a compact, feature-rich inflatable SUP that’s just the right size for small to mid-sized paddlers.
  • With a double layer construction that uses triple and quad-layer PVC coating, double reinforced seams, and a tough drop-stitch core, the WW126 is built to take on whatever you can dish out.
  • The 2019 version of the Waterwalker 10’6″ comes with expanded storage areas, a redesigned paddle holder, and a stunning new design.
  • The included accessories provide you with everything you need to get started. The overall quality of the accessories is very nice, and we love the improvements made to the paddle and backpack for this season.


  • The Waterwalker 10’6″ only comes in a single color scheme. While the design looks great, offering more color options would have appealed to a larger customer base.
  • Because of its size, the Waterwalker 10’6″ is not the most stable board. It’s not a SUP that is exclusively for skilled paddlers, but beginners may have a hard time with it initially.
  • This also isn’t the fastest board in the water. Those in search of added speed should consider the brand new 11’6″ THURSO Expedition.

 Final Thoughts

The THURSO SURF Waterwalker 10’6″ offers a nice cross between a touring board and an all-around SUP. It performs well in nearly all water conditions and appeals to beginner and advanced paddlers alike. The board is very responsive, has a shape that reduces drag, and tracks well. It’s also very durable – perhaps one of the more durable inflatable SUPs available today. Overall, the quality of the Waterwalker 10’6″ and high value of the included SUP accessory bundle provides more than enough value to justify its price tag.

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