Priority 600 Review (12-speed Commuter Bike)

A versatile 12-speed commuter that's ultra-reliable and low on maintenance.

Priority 600 Bicycle
Priority 600 Commuter Bike
Pinion Drive
Priority 600 Bike Front
Priority 600 Handlebars
Priority 600 Bike Seat
Priority 600 Shifter
Bike Handlebar Detail
Riding Priority Bicycles 600
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Priority 600 Bicycle
Priority 600 Commuter Bike
Pinion Drive
Priority 600 Bike Front
Priority 600 Handlebars
Priority 600 Bike Seat
Priority 600 Shifter
Bike Handlebar Detail
Riding Priority Bicycles 600
Priority 600 Bicycle
Priority 600 Commuter Bike
Pinion Drive
Priority 600 Bike Front
Priority 600 Handlebars
Priority 600 Bike Seat
Priority 600 Shifter
Bike Handlebar Detail
Riding Priority Bicycles 600
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  • The Priority 600 is an all-around commuting bike that can handle both on-road and off-road conditions excellently. Aside from performance, the design focuses on low-maintenance features.
  • The central feature of the Priority 600 bike is its automotive-inspired Pinion gearbox transmission system. This technology is more reliable than traditional bicycle transmission systems while requiring less maintenance. The entire gear hub is enclosed inside of an all-weather magnesium casing which protects it from dirt and grime.
  • A pair of WTB 650B tires provide good cushion and grip on roads, gravel, and hard-packed trails. The tires are tubeless-ready, in case you want to make the Priority 600 even more maintenance-free.
  • Rounding out the list of features are the usual ones we’ve come to expect from Priority – hydraulic disc brakes, a Gates Carbon Belt Drive, and Dynamo-powered front and rear lights.
  • Despite acceptable performance when cruising off the beaten track, the Priority 600 is no mountain bike. The low clearance of the pedals makes them prone to striking when riding over uneven terrain or even when leaning into corners.
  • If you want a bike that you can ride on your daily commutes and also weekend adventures, then the Priority 600 is one of the most versatile options available. It also helps that it’s nearly maintenance-free — you can just get on the bike and go.

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Priority Bicycles
All-road, all-season, light-off road, city commuter
Frame & Fork: 5-year, 30-day money back guarantee
Priority Bicycle’s official website

Bike Details

Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, Pinion C1.12 12-speed gearbox, Gates Carbon Belt Drive, Dynamo front/rear powered lights, kickstand, reflective decals, durable composite fenders, pre-drilled for accessories
WTB Horizon tubeless-ready 650b Road Plus tires
Gloss black
S (17″), M (19″), L (21″)

Written Review

Bike maintenance is an often understated disadvantage of having to rely on a bike for your daily commutes. After all, who wants to spend mornings before work inflating tires and lubing chain drives? If this sounds a bit too close to home, then we’ve got good news for you — Priority Bicycles’ 600, a low-maintenance on-road and off-road commuting bike.

The 600 is Priority’s automotive-inspired city commuter bicycle that also performs great as a gravel grinder and road rambler. Aside from the features that provide mixed-surface flexibility, Priority has also designed the 600 to be simple to ride and as easy to maintain as possible. It’s also classy and stylish with its jet-black glossy finish on a frame and fork made of lightweight and durable 6061 aluminum.

One of the features that makes the Priority 600 stand out is the Pinion gearbox, an automotive-inspired transmission system that offers superior versatility and durability. Developed by two former Porsche engineers, the Pinion gearbox does away with derailleurs for shifting gears, which are known to be unreliable and require a lot of maintenance. With a spur gear system that has only two points of engagement, the Pinion gearbox shifts between 12 speeds with much more efficiency.

Being the main feature of the bicycle, the Priority 600 was named after the 600% gear range that the Pinion gearbox offers. This is a massive upgrade to the 200% to 400% gear range a typical transmission drive with derailleur can deliver. The series of interlocking gears is enclosed inside of a sealed magnesium case which protects the gearbox from dirt and grime. Featuring such reliable, all-terrain, all-weather construction, the Pinion gearbox only needs an oil change once every 6,000 miles.

At the time of its release, the integration of the Pinion gearbox into the Priority 600 made it a bike that was way ahead of its time and it was the largest North American release of Pinion technology. Shifting between gears is controlled by a simple twist shift. It takes some time and practice to get used to it, as you need to remember to shift gears while you’re not pedaling — the opposite of how traditional bikes work. You’ll get used to it after a while and you’ll soon find yourself shifting gears seamlessly like it’s nobody’s business.

As opposed to a rear hub, the pinion gearbox is located at the center of the bike. This helps keep the 600 balanced and nimble. It’s also positioned low which helps stability but also tends to cause pedal strikes when leaning into sharp corners. It also doesn’t help that the bottom bracket of the frame is a bit lower than usual. Aside from corners, the low profile of the 600 can also be problematic in true off-road conditions.

Connected to the Pinion gearbox is a Gates Carbon Belt Drive. This rust-free and grease-free belt drive is another premium feature that helps keep the Priority 600 a low-maintenance bike. Aside from not having to worry about the mess of lubing up a chain drive, the Gates Carbon Belt Drive also offers superior durability.

The Priority 600 has multi-surface versatility thanks to a pair of WTB 650B tires and rims that provide good cushioning and excellent grip for gravel or hard-packed trails. If you want to make the 600 even more maintenance-free, you can choose to go tubeless as the tires are tubeless-ready. Rounding things out are a pair of color-matched stock fenders that look great while protecting you from spatters that occur while riding through puddles and muddy roads. The sleek saddle and ergonomic grips also come from WTB, both of which are highly comfortable even on long rides.

As with other Priority bikes, the 600 has all-season stopping power provided by Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. These have better braking performance compared to standard caliper brakes while boasting a weather-proof design.

Lastly, Priority integrated additional safety features to make the 600 a safer bike for night riding. The frame is adorned with 360-degree reflective decals, but the real star is the Dynamo-powered front and rear lighting. With lights that are powered by the rotation of the rear hub, you’ll never have to worry about your lights running out of juice in the middle of your commute. The lighting system even knows how to prioritize the rear lights when there isn’t enough power for both front and rear, which is a nice, well-thought-out feature. While the reliability of the 600’s lighting system will be hard to surpass, we find they’re not as bright as most aftermarket lights.

At just over $2,000, the Priority 600 is pretty much in the same price range as most gravel bikes or road ramblers. At this price point, you might even be able to get a cheap mountain bike. However, what Priority offers with the 600 is a highly versatile bike that requires minimal effort in maintenance. Priority has spared no expense with the 600, filling it with premium features that’ll change the way you ride your bike. For those who happen to be on a tight budget, we’d recommend checking out the popular Priority Classic Plus.

All things considered, the Priority 600 is a perfect buy for people who want a reliable commuter bike without the hassle of regular maintenance. It’s also a good option if you want a bike that you can use for both your daily commutes and your weekend adventure rides. That being said, the Priority 600 is no mountain bike. While it performs admirably in most terrain types, you’ll be left unsatisfied if you start riding it like an off-road bike.


All Priority bicycle frames and forks are covered by a 5-year general warranty against all manufacturing defects. Take note that the warranty explicitly only covers frames and forks – accessories, parts, and other components are not included. Any damage due to modification, improper assembly, or misuse will also render the warranty void. The warranty does not cover shipping and labor costs. Warranty claims due to product defects must be confirmed by photograph or by the assessment of a professional bicycle mechanic.

If you’re not satisfied with your Priority bicycle for any reason, you may return it within 30 days of purchase provided that it’s a non-final sale. A full refund may be provided to the customer assuming the product is returned in new condition. Any product return must be packaged in the original box along with all original parts and packaging materials. The customer will be responsible for packing the product for shipment and for all shipping costs. The costs of any damages will be deducted from the refund amount.


  • The Priority 600 is a top-of-the-line bicycle that comes with all the premium features we’ve come to expect from Priority Bicycles. However, this model is built with multi-surface flexibility. Whether you’re looking for an urban commuting bike, a gravel grinder, or a road rambler, the 600 has you covered.
  • The patented Pinion gearbox transmission system is reliable, low-maintenance, and offers the range of a 12-speed bike in an all-terrain, all-weather enclosure. Shifting between the gear pairs is done via the simple twist shift.
  • The inclusion of the super-durable, grease-free Gates Carbon Belt Drive further enhances the low-maintenance characteristic of the Priority 600.
  • With Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, you can rely on the stopping power of the Priority 600 even in snowy or rainy weather.
  • The WTB 650B wheels and tires provide excellent cushioning and good grip across a variety of surfaces. If you want to go tubeless, you’ll be glad to know that the tires are tubeless-ready.
  • Dynamo powered front and rear lighting assures you of light all the time – no more worrying about batteries running out of juice in the middle of the night.


  • The shifting mechanism of the Pinion gearbox can take a little getting used to. Contrary to a traditional bike, you need to shift gears in between pedal strokes.
  • The positioning of the Pinion gearbox and the low clearance between the bottom bracket and the ground makes the 600 prone to pedal striking when leaning into corners or when riding over uneven terrain. Thus, the 600 is far from the best bike when it comes to cruising serious off-road conditions.
  • The brightness of the dynamo-powered front and rear lights feels a bit underwhelming. If you want something brighter, then you’re better off buying an aftermarket light accessory.

 Final Thoughts

The Priority 600 eliminates one of the biggest hurdles to adopting bike commuting as a lifestyle – regular maintenance. By incorporating an array of low-maintenance features, Priority has managed to make the 600 a low-effort bike while designing it for both on-road and off-road riding. For strictly city commutes, we’d also recommend checking out the popular Priority Continuum Onyx.

At the very heart of the Priority 600 is the automotive-inspired Pinion gearbox. By doing away with a derailleur, the Pinion gearbox manages to be more reliable while requiring less maintenance. The compact gearbox offers the range of a 12-speed bike while keeping all interlocking gears in a weatherproof magnesium compartment.

In addition to the gearbox, the 600 has all the features we have come to appreciate from Priority bicycles: dynamo-powered lighting, a Gates Carbon Belt Drive, integrated fenders, comfortable seat and grips, and a hydraulic disc brake.

The Pinion 600 performs well enough when you have to stray off the road. Having said that, don’t go expecting the Pinion 600 to be a MTB replacement. The pedals don’t have enough clearance for truly off-road conditions, and the bike’s suspension isn’t quite up to par.

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    • Mark — the Priority 600 is probably not your best option if you’re looking to do serious touring distances. It’s more intended as an around-town commuter bike or for mild to moderate off-roading.

  1. I disagree, that would be at the time of this writing the best touring bike available.
    – Heavier and less efficient, yes but quite insignificant considering your packing your bike anyway.
    – upright position and wider tires are actually a pro if you want true adventure touring flexibility
    – No maintenance… read that again…. no maintenance, last trip was 1200km and a belt and sealed transmission is hand down the best option for no hassle, consistent ride quality


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