Priority Classic Plus Review

A lightweight and affordable commuter that comes loaded with premium features.

Priority Classic Plus Bike
White Priority Classic Plus
Black Priority Classic Step Through
White Priority Classic Plus Step Through Bicycle
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Priority Classic Plus Bike
White Priority Classic Plus
Black Priority Classic Step Through
White Priority Classic Plus Step Through Bicycle
Priority Classic Plus Bike
White Priority Classic Plus
Black Priority Classic Step Through
White Priority Classic Plus Step Through Bicycle
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  • The Priority Classic Plus is a simple, comfortable, and easy to use commuting bike that’s brimming with premium features.
  • You can order the Classic Plus in either matte black or gloss white color options and in either a classic diamond or step-through frame. Whichever option you go with, your Classic Plus is sure to turn heads with its sleek and modern design.
  • By using a lightweight yet durable aluminum frame, Priority managed to keep the weight of the Classic Plus down to only 25 pounds. If you need to carry your bike around regularly, then the Classic Plus is not going to give you much of a problem.
  • A Shimano Nexus 3-speed internal hub provides smooth and quiet gear shifting controlled by a very responsive handlebar twist shift. The gear hub is easy to use and provides just enough power to overcome uphill sections in your daily commute.
  • A front caliper brake and coaster brake offer several ways of stopping the bike. However, the cradle brake can feel restrictive for people who aren’t used to them since it automatically gets engaged when back-pedaling.
  • The Priority Classic Plus does not have any built-in lights or high-visibility decals. If you want to ride this bike at night, we’d recommend the installation of after-market lights.
  • The sub-$500 price point is surprising for the level of sophistication offered by the Classic Plus. This is a really good value-for-money purchase and one of the reasons why it’s so popular.

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Priority Bicycles
Classic Plus
All-road, city commuter
Frame & Fork: 5-year, 30-day money back guarantee
Priority Bicycle’s official website

Bike Details

3-speed internal Shimano Nexus hub, Gates Carbon Belt Drive, lightweight rustproof aluminum frame, standard coaster and dual-pivot hand brakes
WTB Horizon tubeless-ready 650b Road Plus tires
Matte black, gloss white
Diamond frame, step-through frame

Written Review

In today’s age where people are obsessed (rightfully so) with decreasing their carbon footprint, the idea of bike commuting has become more and more embraced. Right now, there’s a thriving market for commuter bikes that are easy to use and maintain while also being stylish and affordable — the Classic Plus from Priority Bicycles ticks all of those boxes. The updated 2019 version of the Classic bike that scored a massively successful Kickstarter campaign, Priority has made their most popular bike even better with the Classic Plus.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the Priority Classic Plus looks great. Available in both matte black and gloss white color options, the sleek and standout design of the Classic Plus is probably one of the major reasons behind its popularity. Like a peacock strutting its feathers, you’re sure to turn heads while riding the Classic Plus on your daily commutes or weekend trips to the market. You can order the Classic Plus with the more traditional diamond frame or the more accessible step-through frame.

Another remarkable thing about the Classic Plus is how light it is. At only 25 pounds, hoisting the Classic Plus on your shoulder and carrying it up a flight of stairs takes little effort. This is great news for people who have to bring their bikes inside of upstairs apartments and offices. An understated advantage of the weight reduction in the Classic Plus is that it’s much easier to control, allowing for a much tighter turning radius. Priority has pulled off this feat by using lightweight and durable rust-free aluminum for the bike’s frame. Integrated into the frame is a kickstand and water bottle cage.

Beyond what the eye can see, the Priority Classic Plus is just brimming with premium features that are honestly surprising for a bike at this price point. Let’s start with the Shimano Nexus 3-speed internal hub. Although shifting gears using the gear hub is smooth and quiet, the 3-speed range may feel underwhelming for some. However, that feeling will quickly be put to rest once you ride the Classic Plus up and down a few hills. Even on intimidating uphill rides, the Priority Classic Plus will never feel like it’s lacking in power. As an aside, we like how small the Shimano gear hub is – it’s so compact and simple, yet incredibly versatile.

Shifting between gears is done using a very sensitive handlebar shifter. The twist shift is highly responsive, which might take some getting used to as you can easily shift from highest gear to lowest gear with the slightest motion. Over time, we’re sure that shifting gears will start to feel more intuitive and almost effortless.

A perfect complement to the gear hub is the Gates Carbon Belt Drive, a feature that is practically a staple in Priority’s bikes. By eschewing the traditional chain drive in favor of a carbon belt drive, Priority has managed to make the Classic Plus much easier to maintain – no more messy lubing of chains and you no longer have to worry about rain or snow rusting them up. The carbon belt drive is also super strong, definitely strong enough to withstand those uphill rides we mentioned.

The Classic Plus comes with both a front Promax dual pivot caliper brake and a standard coaster brake. While the front brake provides smooth stopping power and feels more familiar for a city bike, the coaster brake does take a little getting used to. To be fair, you probably learned to ride a bike using coaster brakes, and it’s nice to have the option of braking by back pedaling a bit. However, coaster brakes are prone to skidding since they tend to bring your bike to a sudden stop. They’re also prone to failure, although the durability of the drive train should be enough to offset this. In any case, it’s still a welcome feature to have two braking mechanisms on the Classic Plus, leaving riders to choose what they’re more comfortable with. We’d also recommend checking out Priority’s Gotham Edition.

The only things that the Priority Classic Plus lack as a city bike are built-in lights and decals for nighttime visibility. These would have been nice, forward-looking features, as commuter bikes need to be flexible enough to be used at night. There are, of course, after-market options. The Priority Classic Plus also does not have any off-road capabilities – for those, you might want to consider the more versatile Priority 600.

Rounding up all the features is a Priority Ultra Comfort saddle and handlebars that can be adjusted for a more upright and comfortable riding stance. The Classic Plus is no mountain bike. It’s not built to withstand rugged riding conditions or off-road trails. What it excels in is comfort and ease of use. It’s a hassle-free, low-maintenance bike, which makes it the perfect commuting option for the busy city dweller.

At less than $500, it’s frankly surprising how “premium” the Priority Classic Plus is. The 3-speed gear hub is easy to use and provides just enough flexibility to tackle those uphill and downhill sections of your daily commute. The bike is also incredibly light – quite a feat, considering that it has both a hand brake and a coaster brake. Priority’s choice to use a rust-free aluminum frame and a Gates Carbon Belt Drive have not only contributed to its lightweight design but has made the Classic Plus essentially maintenance-free.

All in all, the combination of comfort, simplicity, and style at a very reasonable price point has made the Classic Plus a shining example of Priority’s ethos in bike design. The Classic was the bike model that “kickstarted” the success of Priority. The fact that Priority made an upgraded version of what was already a huge success speaks of the company’s impressive drive for innovation.


The 5-year general warranty that Priority provides only covers their frames and forks. Any other components, parts, and accessories are not covered by the warranty. Any damage due to misuse, improper assembly, or modifications will also not be covered by the warranty. The damage or product defect cited when making a warranty claim must be supported by a photograph or an assessment by a professional bicycle mechanic.

If you’re not happy with your Priority bike for any reason, they also offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy. To receive a full refund for your purchase, simply send in the bike with all parts and accessories included. Only non-final sales products will be accepted for return, so any bikes marked as final sale are not eligible. The costs of shipping and assembly will have to be shouldered by the customer.


  • With several options for size, color, and frame style, you can customize the Classic Plus so that it fits both your biking and visual style.
  • The Classic Plus has a rust-free aluminum frame that makes it incredibly lightweight yet durable. At only 25 pounds, carrying this bike on your shoulder and up a flight of stairs doesn’t feel like such a drag.
  • The Shimano Nexus 3-speed gear hub provides smooth and quiet gear transmission using a responsive hand shifter. The transmission range is just wide enough for flat roads and both uphill and downhill segments.
  • Two braking mechanisms (coaster brake and hand brake) provide flexibility across different riding conditions and styles. Just use what you’re comfortable with.
  • The Classic Plus comes with a friendly price tag. Considering its array of premium features, the value for money of the Classic Plus is hard to beat.


  • People who aren’t used to bikes with coaster brakes can find it frustrating to come to a stop when they attempt to backpedal. It takes a little getting used to and might not be for everybody.
  • The Classic Plus does not have any built-in features for nighttime riding, such as the dynamo-powered lights found in the Priority 600 or the Continuum Onyx. It also does not have any high-visibility decals.

 Final Thoughts

The original Priority Classic was the bike that brought Priority into the spotlight as one of the best brands for all-around commuting bikes. With the Classic Plus, Priority has put an even bigger emphasis on a design that combines comfort, simplicity, and style. By using an array of premium materials and accessories, Priority has managed to keep the Classic Plus light, durable, and virtually maintenance-free.

At less than $500, the Classic Plus packs a ton of value and it’s rare to find such a reliable city bike at this price point. In terms of quality and style, the Priority Classic Plus is truly a no-brainer.

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