Tepui Explorer Series Ayer 2 Review

A well-built, 2-person rooftop tent that's ideal for smaller vehicles.

Tepui Explorer Series Ayer 2 Tent
Blue Tepui Ayer 2 Tent
Tepui Ayer 2 Open
Tepui Ayer 2 Person Roof Top Tent
Tepui Ayer 2 Tent Colors
Tepui Ayer 2 Rooftop Tent
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Tepui Explorer Series Ayer 2 Tent
Blue Tepui Ayer 2 Tent
Tepui Ayer 2 Open
Tepui Ayer 2 Person Roof Top Tent
Tepui Ayer 2 Tent Colors
Tepui Ayer 2 Rooftop Tent
Tepui Explorer Series Ayer 2 Tent
Blue Tepui Ayer 2 Tent
Tepui Ayer 2 Open
Tepui Ayer 2 Person Roof Top Tent
Tepui Ayer 2 Tent Colors
Tepui Ayer 2 Rooftop Tent
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  • The Tepui Ayer 2 is a well-built, 2-man rooftop tent that’s small and light enough to be mounted on small vehicles such as a hatchback or a small SUV.
  • With its lower profile, Tepui’s Ayer 2 is less debilitating in terms of car handling and gas mileage. The small footprint of the Ayer 2 also makes it easier to find a suitable place to camp.
  • Pitching this rooftop tent literally takes just a few minutes and can be done by a single person. Having a telescoping ladder means that you can even pitch the Ayer 2 on terrain that’s not perfectly even.
  • The Ayer 2 is built with the same materials as Tepui’s full-sized rooftop tents, such as the Kukenam 3. Whether you’re traveling in winter or summer, the Ayer 2 has all the features needed to keep you comfortable.
  • The included high-density foam mattress may feel a bit too firm for some people. In fact, the mattress feels like a downgrade from the memory foam mattress of the Kukenam 3. If this becomes an issue for you, you might need to spend a bit more to get a memory foam topper.
  • The tent canvas of the Ayer 2 tends to accumulate moisture rather quickly, especially if you forget to open the mesh vents during the night. If you’re not careful, you might end up with wet bedding and clothes.

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Explorer Series Ayer 2
Roof Top Tent
Vehicle camping, adventure travel, road tripping
Outdoorplay, REI

Roof Top Tent Details

48″ x 84″
48″ X 84″ X 39″ (open)
48″ X 42″ X 11″ (closed)
95 pounds
Sleeps 2 adults

Written Review

For many travelers, the idea of getting a rooftop tent seems overkill. This is especially true of solo or couple travelers who could fit well enough inside of their cars or have vehicles that may be too small to carry the weight of a full-sized rooftop tent. If you can relate to these problems, then Tepui has the perfect solution for you. The Explorer Series Ayer 2 is Tepui’s smallest rooftop tent model that offers just enough space to comfortably fit two people.

Well-built and intelligently designed, the Ayer 2 will keep you warm in freezing weather and provides just enough cross-breeze to keep you comfortably cool during summer. The Ayer 2 is available in blue and tan color options. Tepui recommends a maximum occupant weight of 180 kilograms total for the Ayer 2, making it just the right tent for traveling couples.

The Ayer 2 offers all the benefits of rooftop tents at a much smaller footprint, giving you a lot more flexibility in terms of where you can set up camp. Being elevated off the ground reduces the need to look for a perfectly level surface and keeps you safe from critters and small animals. The telescoping ladder extends up to 8’6”, meaning the tent can also be used for larger vehicles without any need for extra lifters.

Weighing in at only 95 pounds, the Ayer 2 is a lower profile alternative to many rooftop tents. It’s perfect for traveling with small SUVs or hatchbacks. With a closed footprint that measures 42” x 48” and a height of only 11”, the Ayer 2 doesn’t suffer from as much wind drag as larger and heavier counterparts such as the Tepui Kukenam 3 and Autana 3. The Ayer 3 comes with a travel cover made from 1000g heavy-duty PVC and waterproof zippers which protect the tent from rain and abrasion.

Due to its small size, mounting the Ayer 2 is not as difficult as many other rooftop tents. It’s still a 2-man job, though, if you want to do it safely and correctly. As usual, the Ayer 2 comes with a set of universal mounting brackets. Tepui has even thrown in a ratcheting wrench with the Ayer 2 that greatly speeds up the mounting process. It’s a nice touch and really helpful for those times when you don’t have tools on hand.

Another advantage of the Ayer 2’s small size is that it’s even easier to set up than most other rooftop tents. With a little practice, it’ll only take 3 to 4 minutes to fully pitch the tent. Breaking it down to its folded position is also quick and easy. Since you can leave your bedding inside the tent, you don’t even need to fix your bed in the morning.

Tepui has gone to great lengths to make the Ayer 2 durable against the elements. Its internal frame is made of sturdy but lightweight 5/8” aluminum tube. A base made from aluminum welded with insulation and an aluminum cap sheet provides durability while also helping to regulate the tent’s internal temperature. Since the ladder is load-bearing once everything is set up, it’s also made with durable aluminum.

Much like its bigger brother, the Kukenam 3, the tent is made with high-quality 600D rip-stop ventilate coated poly-cotton material. This stuff is strong enough to withstand heavy rains and winds while also resisting UV degradation and mold growth. The Ayer 2 comes with an integrated rainfly made of 420D Polyester Oxford PU-coated fabric.

The Ayer 2 measures 42” x 84” when opened up, which is just enough space for two people with a small amount of gear. The A-frame design provides ample headspace to allow you to comfortably sit up inside the tent. With four internal pockets and a series of elastic cords, there’s enough storage space inside the tent for small gear such as your phone, keys, or a lantern.

If you want to sleep under the stars, just open the Ayer 2’s zippered roof panels. The side panels and doors can also be opened to allow for a cross-breeze during summer months, while also providing a great view of the surrounding scenery. Even with this setup, you won’t need to worry about insects and other critters since all of the panels are lined with no-see-um mosquito mesh. Optional awnings for the doors and windows can be installed to provide rain protection without sacrificing airflow. We also like the provision of hooks just outside the tent and near the ladder so you can hang your shoes without dragging mud and dirt into the tent.

Aside from providing air circulation, the mesh vents also prevent condensation buildup inside of the tent. In fact, this is the only way to prevent one of the biggest downsides of the Ayer 2. If you don’t open up the vents, the internal surface of the tent canvas can get soaking wet overnight. This lack of breathability, although easily resolved, is a disaster waiting to happen.

The Ayer 2 includes a 2-1/2” high-density foam mattress and cotton cover which provides warmth and comfort, regardless of the weather. The mattress feels like a downgrade from the Kukenam 3’s memory foam mattress, which has prompted a lot of users to upgrade to a memory foam topper for better comfort.

Another benefit of the Ayer 2’s lower profile is that it’s also cheaper than the other rooftop tent offerings from Tepui. Costing slightly more than $1,000, the Ayer 2 is by no means a cheap tent. However, there is no way that you can get the versatility, comfort, and safety that the Ayer 2 provides with other 2-man tents. There isn’t much of a market for small rooftop tents, making the Ayer 2 one of the few products appropriate for solo and couple travelers.

If you’re on the road a lot and you have a small vehicle, then the Ayer 2 was made just for you. It offers all the usual benefits of a rooftop tent and Tepui’s best features in a much smaller and lighter package. With the Ayer 2, you can save yourself the misery of not getting a good night’s sleep while out on the road.

 What’s Included

  • Explorer Series Ayer 2 rooftop tent
  • Travel cover
  • Telescoping ladder
  • Universal mounting brackets
  • Ratcheting wrench


Tepui guarantees their products to be free of defects from materials and workmanship. Should this not be the case, a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty will cover damage of all materials and parts due to manufacturing defects. The warranty applies to all tent components including the ladder, aluminum frame, tent fabric, and seams.

Take note that the warranty does not cover damage due to prolonged use of the product, accidents, misuse, and improper care. If Tepui finds that the product indeed failed due to a manufacturing defect, they will provide a repair or replacement service at their discretion.

Tepui also offers a 30-day money back guarantee should you be unsatisfied with the product you have received for any reason. Within 30 days of purchase, a customer may return the unused product in its original packaging and receive a full refund. The customer needs to provide the receipt for the purchase and will be required to cover the costs for return shipping.


  • The Explorer Series Ayer 2 is a 2-man rooftop tent that is smaller and lighter than Tepui’s usual offerings. It’s light enough for small vehicles such as hatchbacks and smaller SUVs.
  • The smaller footprint of the Ayer 2 means that its impact on car handling and gas mileage is also minimal. Finding a good camp and setting up the tent is also much easier.
  • Despite the modest size, the Ayer 2 is built durably enough to withstand heavy rains and winds. An aluminum base welded with insulation helps regulate the tent’s internal temperature, keeping you warm even in freezing temperature. During summer months, opening up the huge side panels provides plenty of cross-breeze.
  • The Ayer 2 can be pitched in less than 10 minutes even with a solo effort. No more messing around with tent poles and a separate rainfly – just unbuckle the straps, unfold the tent, and attach the telescoping ladder.


  • The internal canvas lining of the Ayer 2 tends to accumulate condensation when the mesh vents are not open.
  • The high-density foam mattress included with the Ayer 2 can be a bit too firm for some campers. Compared to the memory foam of the Kukenam 3, this mattress feels like a downgrade in terms of comfort.

 Final Thoughts

The Explorer Series Ayer 2, Tepui’s smallest rooftop tent product, is just the right size for solo and couple travelers. With this tent, you can get the luxury of a rooftop tent even when driving a smaller vehicle.

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