Priority Classic Plus Gotham Edition Review

A lightweight, stealthy city commuter that is sure to turn heads.

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  • The Priority Classic Plus Gotham Edition is an updated version of the Priority Classic Plus, one of Priority’s most popular bike models. Aside from the matte black finish and a few hardware changes, the Classic Plus Gotham Edition has retained much of the same features that made the Classic Plus such a hit.
  • At only 26 pounds, the Classic Plus Gotham Edition is incredibly lightweight thanks to its aluminum frame. This helps in handling, making the bike easier to control. It’s also a literal load off the shoulders for bikers who need to carry their bikes up stairs to apartments or offices.
  • Priority’s Gotham Edition has all of the best features of the original Classic Plus: a Shimano Nexus gear hub, twist shift transmission control, a Gates Carbon Belt Drive, and puncture-resistant tires.
  • The dual V-brakes are unique to the Classic Plus Gotham Edition, offering an alternative to the coaster brakes of its predecessor. This updated version offers smoother and more reliable stopping power.
  • Like the Classic Plus, the Classic Plus Gotham Edition does not offer any visibility aids aside from the standard reflectors. With no built-in lights, riding the Gotham Edition at night in a high-traffic area may be a questionable proposition.
  • The Classic Plus Gotham Edition offers no off-road capabilities. If you’re looking for something that can better handle rough terrain, you might want to take a look at the Priority 600.

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Priority Bicycles
Classic Plus Gotham Edition
All-road, city commuter
Frame & Fork: 5-year, 30-day money back guarantee
Priority Bicycle’s official website

Bike Details

Rustproof matte black frame, 3-speed internal Shimano Nexus hub, Freewheel with front/rear V-brakes, Gates Carbon Drive Belt
Priority puncture resistant 700 x 35
Matte black
Diamond, step-through
S, M, L

Written Review

The Priority Classic Plus, which we’ve reviewed previously, has been a staple of Priority Bicycles and has served as the perfect encapsulation of Priority’s design ethos geared toward comfort, simplicity, and style. For those who feel that the Classic Plus looks a bit too gaudy, then the all-black finish of the Classic Plus Gotham Edition might be a better fit in terms of personal style. Aside from updated looks, the Classic Plus Gotham Edition also comes with a few new features inspired by the streets of New York.

True to the Gotham moniker, just about everything in the Classic Plus Gotham Edition comes in black: from the bike frame to the handlebars, the tires, and even the seat cushion. In contrast to the all-aluminum construction of the Classic Plus, the Classic Plus Gotham Edition has a steel fork attached to a rust-proof aluminum frame. While the steel fork adds a bit more robustness to the Gotham Edition, it barely adds any weight — the bike clocks in at less than 26 pounds. This is perfect for regular bike commuters who need to carry their bikes on their shoulders to apartments or offices located on upper floors.

While the Classic Plus Gotham Edition only comes in a matte black color scheme, you have the option of ordering it with either the traditional diamond frame or a step-through frame. There are various sizes available, and Priority provides a handy sizing guide on their website. The Classic Plus Gotham Edition comes with a water bottle cage, a lightweight air pump, and all the tools and instructions you’ll need to assemble the bike.

The Classic Plus Gotham Edition comes with all the features we’ve come to love in the “vanilla” Classic Plus. One of these features is the Shimano Nexus 3-speed internal gear hub. If a 3-speed bike sounds severely limiting to you, you’ll be glad to know that the experience of Classic Plus Gotham Edition owners has been overwhelmingly positive. The range of the three gears feels somewhere in the middle of a 7-speed range; it doesn’t hit the highest and lowest gears. While it does take extra effort when climbing hills on the Gotham Edition, it doesn’t feel under-powered even while pedaling from a seated position.

The Shimano Nexus gear hub is fully enclosed for protection against water, dirt, and grime. This maintenance-free feature is perfectly complemented by a Gates Carbon Belt Drive. Although this has become a staple feature in Priority bikes, it never ceases to amaze us how much simpler and more reliable a belt drive is compared to a chain drive.

Shifting between gears is done via the handlebar’s twist grip. The twist shift control is very responsive once you get the hang of it. Priority has also gone the extra mile by wrapping the grips with a textured rubber material. While this provides good grip, it’s a little uncomfortable which is one of the few things we can criticize on this bike.

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed the use of a quill stem on the Classic Plus Gotham Edition, which does feel out of place on a bike with so many premium features. While quill stems have largely gone out of fashion, it has been integrated into the Gotham Edition to allow for fine height adjustment and better adaptability to different bikers. It also doesn’t necessarily feel cheap. If anything, Priority has shown that quill stems still have a place even on modern commuter bikes.

A key difference between the standard Classic Plus and the Gotham Edition are the brakes. While the Classic Plus has a front caliper brake and a coaster brake, the Gotham Edition features V-brakes at the front and rear wheels. This design avoids the problems with skidding that are typically encountered with coaster brakes. V-brakes are notoriously unreliable when biking on wet surfaces, but we don’t see this being a problem since the Classic Plus Gotham Edition gives you twice the stopping power. The brakes are engaged using the alloy brake levers on the handlebars.

Rounding out the features of the Classic Plus is the pair of puncture-resistant 700×35 tires. Not only are the tires reliable enough for thousands of miles of city biking, but their consistency in color scheme with the rest of the bike truly makes the Gotham Edition a very stylish ride.

All things considered, the Classic Plus Gotham Edition is neither an all-terrain bike nor a racing bike. While the steel fork gives the bike a little extra durability, it’s just not built for biking over rugged terrain. You’re also not going to win any races with it. The best way to describe the performance of the Gotham Edition is that it’s powerful enough to overcome hills with a little extra effort and fast enough to be fun. While the bike’s saddle is not the best-looking, it is unquestionably comfortable even for long rides. Think of it as a cross between a leisure bike and a commuter bike that has all the strengths of both – comfort, ease of use, performance, and style.

The Classic Plus Gotham Edition is a little more expensive than its older brother, the Classic Plus. At just over $500, you can still get the Gotham Edition at a fair price. While there are other similarly-priced commuter bikes and hybrid bikes from other brands, their features pale in comparison to the Classic Plus Gotham Edition. If you’re looking for a bike to take on your regular commutes and you’d like to avoid the hassle of having to maintain it regularly, then the Classic Plus Gotham Edition is a great option.


The frames and forks of all Priority Bicycles are covered by a general warranty against any damage due to material and workmanship defects. The warranty does not cover any component, part, or accessory and can be voided if the bicycle was misassembled, modified, or placed under conditions beyond the limits of prescribed use. When making a warranty claim, it’s the responsibility of the buyer to provide photographic evidence or an assessment by a professional bicycle mechanic. All shipping and labor costs for warranty claims will be shouldered by the buyer.

Aside from the general warranty, Priority also offers a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy on non-final sale items. If for any reason, you’re unsatisfied with your Priority product, you can opt to return it and receive a full refund. All the original parts, as well as the original packing materials, need to be included in the return package. The buyer will assume shipping costs. If the product suffers any damage or if there any missing accessories, the associated costs will be deducted from the refund amount.


  • An updated version of the Classic Plus, the Classic Plus Gotham Edition sports a matte-black finish, a few tweaked features, and all of the stuff we’ve come to love about the original.
  • Despite the addition of a steel fork, the Classic Plus Gotham Edition manages to keep its weight down to a lean 26 pounds. Aside from making it easier to lift for regular commuters, the reduced weight also helps improve handling.
  • Much like the original Classic Plus, the Classic Plus Gotham Edition is equipped with a Shimano Nexus internal gear hub. This maintenance-free feature provides the range of a 3-speed bike. It’s powerful enough to climb hills and fast enough to be fun.
  • Transmission is done through a Gates Carbon Belt Drive which offers increased durability and reliability while requiring much less maintenance. You won’t need to bother lubing up a chain drive again.
  • The Classic Plus Gotham Edition features dual V-brakes for smoother and more reliable stopping power.
  • At a price slightly more than $500, the Classic Plus Gotham Edition can be considered a budget comfort and commuting bike that’s packed with plenty of premium features.


  • Beyond the usual reflectors, the Classic Plus Gotham Edition doesn’t offer any built-in lights. This is a feature found in higher-end Priority bikes such as the Continuum Onyx and the 600, which makes their absence on the Gotham Edition much more palpable.
  • The handlebar grips aren’t the most comfortable due to the heavily textured surface.
  • The Classic Plus Gotham Edition doesn’t have any off-road capabilities. It is simply not powerful and robust enough to handle rugged terrain.

 Final Thoughts

Few bike manufacturers manage to hit as many notes with their products as Priority has. With their focus on simplicity, Priority has managed to become very well-known for making bikes that are reliable and low-maintenance. The Classic Plus Gotham Edition – a tricked out version of the best-selling Classic Plus – is no exception.

The matte black finish of the Classic Plus Gotham Edition allows it to blend in with the shadows, but we doubt that this is the type of bike that you won’t be showing off. It’s easy to use, gives just the right amount of power and speed, and looks fantastic. For regular bike commuters, the fuss-free design of the Classic Plus Gotham Edition probably stands out the most. You’ll no longer need to spend precious minutes in the morning lubing up chains and cleaning out gear gunk. Just get on your bike and go.

Best of all, you won’t have to spend a lot on the Classic Plus Gotham Edition. At its affordable price point, it can even be argued that the Gotham Edition is a budget option. There are very few parts on the Gotham Edition that scream ‘budget,’ so you’ll never feel short-changed.

More than anything, riding the Classic Plus Gotham Edition is just plain fun. It’s smooth, handles well, and the ride is fast and responsive. If you’re anything like all the other Classic Plus Gotham Edition owners, you’re going to enjoy racking up the miles on this great bicycle.

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  1. Great review. And spot-on.

    I got mine a while back and love it.

    It’s the perfect replacement bike for this theft-prone area. I just can’t spend 1k on a bike anymore, no matter how much that Continuum Onyx makes me salivate, so it worked out perfectly.

    I got mine for $429 at CostCo.

    (1) At 25.5 pounds just leave the kickstand on
    (2) It’s more upright than I expected. So that’s something I can modify in the future if I get itchy to do a mod. Great like it is, but I have to feed the beast sometimes.
    (3) I’ve been taking it 25 miles twice a week, with one epic uphill from Sausalito to the big bridge, and me with chronic health stuff.

    I’m not jumping curbs or doing a lot of rutted hillsides with this. But I think it will be fine for commuting and doing some weekend bikepacking on groomed trails and fire roads.


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