Roofnest Eagle Review (Hard Shell Roof Top Tent)

Roofnest's largest rooftop tent, the Eagle sleeps 2 adults and 1 child comfortably.

Roofnest Eagle Roof Top Tent Open
Roofnest Eagle Closed
Roofnest Eagle Rooftop Tent
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Roofnest Eagle Roof Top Tent Open
Roofnest Eagle Closed
Roofnest Eagle Rooftop Tent
Roofnest Eagle Roof Top Tent Open
Roofnest Eagle Closed
Roofnest Eagle Rooftop Tent
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  • The Roofnest Eagle is the company’s largest rooftop tent, with enough space for two adults and one child.
  • An intelligently designed hard shell exterior makes the Eagle sturdy and lightweight while minimizing wind drag to help save on fuel efficiency.
  • With a 3.5 inch built-in mattress, sufficient headspace, several storage options, and durable and weatherproof wall material, the Eagle promises to provide a comfortable living and sleeping space on the go.

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Roof Top Tent
Vehicle camping, adventure travel
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Roof Top Tent Details

53″ wide x 82″ long x 37″ tall
55″ x 84″ x 11.5″ tall
140 pounds
Sleeps 2 adults and 1 child

Written Review

Camping and spending several nights outdoors has become an increasingly popular hobby in the last few years. It seems that more and more people want to escape from the stress and monotony of their 9 to 5 jobs and just relax in the serenity of the great outdoors. However, there are times when camping is not as glamorous as it sounds. Difficulty in sleeping, insects in your tent, freezing temperatures, strong winds, and rain – these are just some of the elements that can ruin your supposedly relaxing trip.

It is for these exact reasons that rooftop tents are all the rage right now amongst outdoor enthusiasts. They provide the comfort close to that of a camper van but are much more affordable. In this article, we take a close look at the Eagle rooftop tent from Roofnest.

The Roofnest Eagle is currently the company’s largest roof top tent. Its 80″ x 53″ space comfortably fits two adults and one child, so going on a camping trip with your family should no longer be a problem. This rooftop tent comes with a hard shell exterior made with fiber-reinforced ABS that is both durable and lightweight. The space is practically queen-sized, so if you have a smaller car, then one of the company’s smaller rooftop tents (such as the Roofnest Sparrow or the new Sparrow Eye model) may be more practical for you.

One thing we really like about the hard shell exterior is that it was designed with aerodynamics in mind. Its shape reduces wind drag with the goal of minimizing the effect of having the Eagle on top of your car on your fuel mileage. The Eagle weighs in at 140 lbs and has a height of just 11.5″ when closed. With its compact and intelligent design, you can leave the Eagle on top of your car without worrying about your car’s overhead clearance or your fuel economy.

The mounting assembly of the Eagle seems sufficiently rugged and durable and should be compatible with most roof racks. The only setback during installation of the Eagle is how difficult it is to tighten down the bolts, given how small the clearance between the rack and the roof of the car is. There isn’t really a better way to do it, so we hope you have small wrenches and small hands.

Another aspect that we think the Eagle excels in is in how easy it is to set up. Gone are the days when pitching a tent involves looking for a level ground, clearing vegetation, propping up tentpoles, and unfolding the tent. With the Eagle, all it takes to set up is to unlock the four straps that keep it in its closed position, give it a slight push, and wait for the pneumatic struts to lift the ceiling. The whole process takes less than a minute and you won’t even have to break a sweat.

The interior of the Eagle rooftop tent opens up on either side which you can access using the telescoping ladder that comes with the whole bundle. You also have the option of converting each doorway to a mesh window so you can enjoy open-air circulation without having to deal with pesky insects. The front and back sides also have mesh windows that you can open up to keep cool during hot and humid nights.

One of the best things about the Eagle is the built-in 3-inch thick high-density foam mattress. One of our least favorite parts of long camping trips is having to sleep on the ground for several consecutive nights. No matter how much padding you use, it will never be as comfortable or as warm as the bed you have at home. With the Eagle, our concerns with not getting a good night’s sleep on camping trips have become a thing of the past. The hard shell floor of the tent is also slightly thicker and reinforced near the middle of the mattress, so you should be able to kneel or crouch inside the tent without breaking or otherwise deforming the hard shell floor.

The walls of the tent are made of a polyester and cotton blend coated with a polyurethane material. Not only are the walls durable, but they are also waterproof and weatherproof. In combination with the hard shell roof, the walls will keep you safe and dry even when it’s raining outside. The thickness of the walls also makes them a little heavier than your usual tent material, which means that there will be less flapping around in windy conditions. The Eagle does such a good job of keeping the warmth in that you will be able to sleep comfortably even in below freezing temperatures!

We also like how the interior of the tent is an actual ‘living space’ with several pockets and hooks to store your clothes, lights, water bottles, and food. The interior pockets can even be removed and relocated, in case you want to store some items outside of the tent. The slightly domed roof of the tent provides sufficient headspace for the average person to sit up and provides space for your beddings when you need to close up the tent.

 What’s Included

  • Mattress
  • Telescoping ladder
  • Mounting hardware


Roofnest has a limited warranty policy on the Eagle which covers defects which came about during normal use of the product and which may be ascribed to failure in manufacturing or workmanship. During the first year, Roofnest will cover all repairs and replacements at no cost. After the first year, request for repair and replacement will only be approved on a case per case basis.

The warranty does not cover damage due to misuse, willful neglect, or acts of God. Beyond the warranty period, Roofnest promises to extend all the assistance they can give in suggesting repair solutions and parts replacement for your Eagle.


  • Durable hard shell material with aerodynamic design
  • Enough space for two adults and one child
  • Quick and effortless set-up
  • Very comfortable interiors with a built-in mattress and insulated wall material


  • Might be too big for small hatchbacks or sedans
  • Installation can be a bit difficult
  • No integrated roof racks as you see on the Roofnest Sandpiper

 Final Thoughts

The Roofnest Eagle is the largest rooftop tent product that Roofnest offers and was designed with small families in mind. The hard shell exterior ensures that you have a sturdy and safe roof over your head, while the aerodynamic design promises to not hurt your fuel mileage. With a 3-inch thick mattress, insulated and sturdy wall material, and numerous storage spaces, the Eagle promises to provide a comfortable and safe living space for you even when you are outdoors. If you are planning an extended camping trip with your family, we recommend putting the Roofnest Eagle on top of your list of essentials.

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